Frankfurt invites GCC holidaymakers for the summer season

Frankfurt, the second most frequented city in Germany by GCC tourists, is promoting its myriad of tourist attractions, shopping facilities, cultural festivals and medical clinics to attract holidaymakers from the Gulf during the forthcoming Eid Al-Fitr holiday and the summer season.

In 2018, Frankfurt experienced an increase of 4% in overnight stays from the Gulf region compared to 2017, with visitors increasingly staying for longer.

The increase is due to Frankfurt’s increasingly rich tourism portfolio, an increase in new sightseeing highlights, the perfect geographical location to undertake day-trips to nearby attractions such as the beautiful Rhine Valley, the historic city of Heidelberg (one-hour drive) or the elegant spa town of Wiesbaden (30 min drive) and its convenient infrastructure, including amazing shopping facilities in the outdoor pedestrian city centre or excellent designer outlets in the surrounding region – called the Rhine-Main Region.

The city known for being a financial hub and featuring an iconic futuristic skyline, has significantly ramped up its tourism portfolio in the last decade and acts as much more than just a gateway to Germany.

Although Germany’s largest airport makes the city conveniently reachable within 15 minutes, Frankfurt’s great appeal lies within its unique blend of old and new and its international flair.

Must see – sightseeing attractions

Among one of the major sightseeing attractions the city now has to offer, is the new historical site theNew Old Town at the famous Römer square in the city centre, which was reconstructed and officially opened last year. The new district featuring many beautiful medieval timber-framed houses is a lively meeting place, with an interesting mix of shops, restaurants, museums and residential flats.

A refreshing treat for the eyes, for those searching for tranquillity and nature, is the tropical paradise ‘Palmengarten’ in Frankfurt’s upmarket district Westend. The botanical garden with enchanting flora and fauna spreads over 22 hectares and is great for a family day out with free-air greenhouses and immaculate parks: Kids and parents can hop on the Palmen-Express railway for a scenic journey around the botanical sites, and enjoy playing at the fairy-tale inspired playgrounds or row a boat ride on the Palmengarten lake.

Frankfurt is also a popular departure spot for boat cruises along the river Main or Rhine – the Rhine Valley being a known UNESCO World Heritage site. Tourists will not only enjoy the spectacular views of Frankfurt’s skyline and marvel at the city’s beautifully re-developed river banks, but they can also enjoy romantic sights of quaint villages, medieval castles and vineyards. Over the summer months, many cultural festivities also take place along the river such as the Museumsuferfest, which is scheduled from 25 to 27 August 2019.

Shopping galore – the city’s pedestrianized shopping area around the main high street ‘Zeil’ is a stress-free experience for young and old and offers a great variety of shops and department stores. For those with a more exquisite taste, the high-end shops and designer boutiques at the luxurious Goethestrasse are the right place to go. Great value for money designer outlets and malls can also be found all around the Rhein-Main area in close proximity to the Frankfurt city centre.

Wide choice of quality hotel accommodation & medical clinics

Frankfurt’s well-planned infrastructure is considered one of the best in Germany. Combined with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, great tourist offerings and a great selection of hotels and medical clinics, makes Frankfurt a destination, where travellers will enjoy a hassle-free and convenient holiday.

In addition to the many leading five-star hotels in the city centre, Frankfurt also offers a wide range of more affordable four-star properties and serviced apartments for long-term stays, which cater to larger groups and families. Furthermore, BarrierFree (accessible) holiday facilities including accommodation, restaurants, activities, shopping centres and accessible transport await the city’s guests.

Apart from many excellent public hospitals and medical facilities, Frankfurt also has an impressive network of private clinics and specialized doctors, making it a superb medical tourism destination for those who are considering undergoing medical checks, cosmetic and wellness treatments or seeking support in case of more serious health conditions.

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