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From Krakow to Valletta: Europe’s Best Cities for Digital Nomads in 2023

The digital nomad lifestyle, characterized by professionals working remotely while traveling, has seen a significant surge in recent years. With an estimated 35 million digital nomads globally, the quest to find the best cities that cater to their unique needs has become paramount.

SuperCasinoSites has recently conducted an in-depth study to identify the top European cities for these modern wanderers, considering factors like cost of living, safety, and quality of life.

While popular global destinations for digital nomads include Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia, Europe presents a treasure trove of cities that combine history, culture, and affordability. Topping the European list is Krakow, Poland. This city, known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving startup community, offers digital nomads affordable living costs, making it an attractive choice. Its extensive public transport network, coupled with its ranking for affordable food and accommodation, places it at the forefront of European cities for remote workers.

Following Krakow, Riga, the capital of Latvia, emerges as a strong contender. Despite its cold winters, Riga offers a low cost of living, vibrant culture, and an active nightlife. The city’s affordability means that a UK salary stretches further in Riga than in many Western European cities.

Budapest, Hungary, is another city that’s increasingly catching the attention of digital nomads. Apart from its rich history and gastronomy, Budapest offers cheap internet and mobile packages. The Hungarian government’s introduction of a residency permit in 2022 for digital nomads further enhances its appeal.

Other cities that have made it to the top ten include Prague, Czech Republic, known for its preserved historical sites and popularity among tourists; Dubrovnik, Croatia, with its stunning Adriatic coast and medieval architecture; Tallinn, Estonia, a blend of medieval charm and modern tech infrastructure; Valencia and Madrid in Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; and the quaint city of Valletta in Malta.

best european cities for digital nomads

The study’s methodology was meticulous. It considered average Airbnb rates for accommodation, food costs based on a standardized virtual shopping basket, broadband prices sourced from the Worldwide Broadband Price Research 2023, public transport costs, and safety metrics from the Numbeo Crime and Safety City Index for 2023.

Dr. Selina Ward, who spearheaded the study, emphasized the importance of holistic planning for digital nomads. “The digital nomad lifestyle, while appealing, requires careful consideration of various factors, especially costs. Our study aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help digital nomads make informed decisions,” she remarked.

SuperCasinoSites’ detailed study is available on their website, offering valuable insights and a deeper dive into each city’s offerings, ensuring that digital nomads have all the information they need to choose their next European destination.

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