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Germany is A Worldwide Leader in Cycle Tourism

In 2018 some 5.5 million Germans used bicycles for tourism reasons, the highest-ever figure.

In 2018 some 5.5 million Germans undertook at least one cycle trip, which is eight per cent of the total population. Compared with 2016, i.e. excluding the very wet year in 2017, this proportion increased by 0.2 percentage points. The number of people taking day trips increased very significantly, with half of all Germans now undertaking one-day cycle trips. Most of them choose a destination in order to then enjoy a meal or cultural attractions.

“In general cycling in Germany is becoming increasingly popular. This has also been accompanied by the growing appeal of cycle tourism. The number of such tours is on the increase, along with the distances between destinations and the length of the routes travelled,” said Frank Hofmann, deputy chairman of the Cycling Analysis of the Germany Cyclists’ Club ADFC at ITB Berlin.

Germans are also “world champion travelers” on two wheels, Hofmann reported. For worldwide cycle tourism not only is Germany the largest source market but it is also the leading destination. Cycle tourism in Germany sets an example for many other countries. Nonetheless, there is still room for improvement, especially with regard to the most popular form of transporting bicycles, the railways, with its “patchwork of regulations”.

The cycle hire company Travelbike was also present as a partner, and its chief executive, Georg Honkomp, has high hopes with regard to the hire of e-bikes, along with insurance and servicing.

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