How to Make the Most Out of the Irish Coast

If you’ve always wanted to see Ireland, there’s no better way to do it than plan a coastal trip. But so many questions immediately arise: which coast?

What’s the best season for a trip? Should I camp or stay in lodges?

We’ve got all the answers to these questions and more for you, including a certified guide to the best Irish cuisine.

What to Bring

You might think you need to figure out where you’re going to go before you know what to bring. But you’d be wrong. While there are geographic and weather differences between Ireland’s four main coastal areas (you might not even recognize the South from the North), Ireland’s a small enough country that the same packing list applies. And there are a few essential items you can’t be without.

Solar generator: Solar generators are an essential travel item if you’re going camping, overlanding, or even spending long stretches of time outside. You’ll need a way to charge all your electronics, cook, and power electricity when the sun sets on that beautiful Irish sea.

Lightweight backpack: You’re going to do a lot of walking in Ireland. How else would you see some of the oldest remains of human civilization in the world? In your lightweight backpack, bring at least a water bottle, binoculars, some power bars, and a change of socks (you never know when the rain will come a falling).

Down Jacket: It can get quite cold in Ireland at night, even in the summer. Down is the ideal material jacket to bring because it’s lightweight and breathable but keeps you warm.

Where to Go

While the East coast has Ireland’s two most recognizable cities, Dublin and Belfast, the West is the place to go for a coastal trip. From big cities like Limerick and Galway to smaller coastal jewels like Tralee and Donegal, soak in the wild landscape and learn about the country’s incredible history. You can also catch a ferry from Doolin or Galway to the enchanting Aran islands.

What to Eat

You aren’t wrong to assume that Irish cuisine involves a whole lot of potatoes. They grow year-round in Ireland’s inclement weather, but they became popular because they’re nutritious, hard to kill, and calorie-dense. There’s a reason they helped the Irish survive the Great Famine.

The essential dishes you have to try in Ireland are boxy, or potato pancakes, shepherd’s pie, which mixes ground beef (or lamb) and veggies in a rich gravy, shrouded in a cheesy crust, and barmbrack, which is a hearty raisin-filled fruit cake.

When to Go

The best time to visit Ireland is the summer when the weather permits you to be outside whenever you want. Ireland can get quite cold and depressing in the winter, but you can hike or bike up and down the coast easily during the summer.

Get in the Irish Spirit

Travel the Irish way, that is, with the utmost hospitality and with a carefree zest for life in your heart.

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