Yakatabune boat cruises in Tokyo Japan

Japanese Cultural Experience Set on Sail

If you are into exploring more of the Japanese culture, you might want to try Yakatabune for an extra edge of experience.

Yakatabune is a wooden decorated boat believed to exist since the Heian period. The boat floor is usually made of tatami mats and uses low tables resembling a high-class Japanese home. It is easily identified by the red lanterns hung along the outside of the cabin. Depending on the size, it normally loads a maximum of 80 people. The open-air cabin is normally set up to allow passengers with the best experience.

In the old days, the houseboat was used as a lavish entertainment venue for rich merchants and high-ranked samurais and aristocrats where partying and sailing are enjoyed at once. Nowadays it is popular as a tourist attraction where traditional food like sushi, tempura, and more are being prepared and served directly from the kitchen allowing passengers to enjoy both the food and the scenery. This party venue is also used by some companies for team building and other recreation activities.

What are you waiting for? Put on your yukata, board a Yakatabune that departs from Urayasu City and be ready to witness the spectacular view of Tokyo Bay from the world-renowned Tokyo Disney Resorts to well-known Odaiba area in Tokyo. Enjoy the spectacular view of the skyline from the ocean, and if lucky, you may also enjoy the fireworks display of the nearby areas. Try Yakatabune for more amazing Japan experience!

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