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London is officially better than New York for tourists

London is better for tourists to visit than New York, according to a new interactive guide that compiles almost 100 pieces of data to compare the two cities.

Named Bang For Your Buck and created by travel experts London Pass, it groups several specific aspects into categories of food and drink, transport, accommodation, environment, tourist attractions and costs.

Whilst both cities stack up strongly against each other, London triumphs across transport, accommodation, environment and tourist attractions.

The guide also lists some of the key sites for the categories on a map of each city, recommending them to would-be visitors.

Using data from sources such as the Office for National Statistics, the World Cities Culture Forum, the US Census Bureau and World Weather and Climate Information, some of the guide’s specific comparisons of The Big Smoke to The Big Apple include:

  • Air quality
  • Hours of sunshine
  • Rainfall
  • Average costs of particular items
  • Green space
  • Traffic congestion
  • Number of museums
  • Number of airports
  • Number of cinemas
  • Number of city taxis
  • Number of five star hotels

As the second most visited city in the world, London beats New York on every measure in the accommodation category. Containing more than twice as many hotels and Airbnbs, three times more five star hotels and five times as many hostels, its experience as a world tourism magnet is evident.

London is also home to more museums and, surprisingly for many, experiences more sunshine and less rainfall.

However, as the world’s sixth most visited city, New York has more than twice as many theatres and restaurants, higher-rated street food and more bars.

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