Galería de las Colecciones Reales

Madrid Bolsters its Tourism Offering with Renovated Cultural and Leisure Axis

Madrid’s Delegate for Culture, Tourism, and Sport, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, visited the Tourist Information Point of the City Hall located near the Royal Palace. She lauded the top-notch visitor services in the capital and emphasized the significant cultural and tourist potential of the revamped Bailén-Plaza de España axis.

The axis now boasts the new ‘Galería de las Colecciones Reales‘ museum, which has quickly become a focal point for national and international tourists. Since its opening on June 29th, this establishment, overseen by the National Heritage, receives an impressive 2,000 visits daily. This museum, the most significant museum project in Spain for decades, resides in a 40,000 square meters building situated in Plaza de Oriente, adjacent to the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral. It promises “new treasures to be discovered” for both local and international visitors.

De la Cruz also recognized the growing allure of summer tourism in Madrid. The capital’s rich blend of culture, heritage, and gastronomy has made it a must-visit city during the summer months. The excellent tourist information services, which cater to a multitude of languages and emphasize accessibility with features like sign language interpretation and Braille materials, further augment this reputation.

Underscoring the importance of municipal tourist information points, de la Cruz described them as pivotal communication conduits between the city and its visitors. These hubs cater to travelers’ unique preferences, offering tailored guidance. In 2023, these municipal resources received a commendable score of 9.58 in an audit conducted by Bureau Veritas, adhering to the stringent ISO 14785 standard for managing tourism offices.

Statistics paint an optimistic picture. The team of municipal tourist informants, totaling around 70 staff members, has assisted over a million users up to July 31st this year. A significant 67% were foreign tourists, with Americans topping the list, followed by the French, Italians, and Argentinians. In total, they served 1,748,014 individuals in 2022.

De la Cruz also shed light on the rejuvenated Plaza de España, labeling it as a green oasis in the heart of the city, a cultural and leisure epicenter, and a crossroads for various cultural and recreational routes. This location serves as a launchpad for pedestrian itineraries exploring some of Madrid’s primary attractions.

Adding to this rich tapestry, two new entrances to the ‘Jardines del Campo del Moro‘ now enable a direct route from Plaza de España to the ‘Galería de las Colecciones Reales’. This enhancement also expands the visitable area within this historical park, managed by the National Heritage.

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