Malaysia's Tourism Booms

Malaysia’s Tourism Booms with Projected 18 Million Arrivals; Asean and China Lead the Way

Malaysia’s tourism sector is set to surpass its target of 16.1 million international tourists for the year, eyeing an impressive 18 million visitors.

This announcement came from Tourism Malaysia Director-General, Datuk Dr Ammar Abdul Ghapar. A combination of increased flight frequencies, a boost in charter operations, and the draw of year-end holidays are credited for this optimistic projection.

Malaysia’s surge in tourism, marked by 4.5 million tourist arrivals in this year’s first quarter, is primarily driven by visitors from Asean countries. With nations recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and borders reopening, including China’s recent border easing, the Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister, Khairul Firdaus Akhbar Khan, is hopeful about reaching the 16.1 million tourist target. This anticipated influx is expected to inject more than RM49 billion into the country’s tourism revenue.

In efforts to maintain this momentum, Tourism Malaysia and the ministry are collaborating on various programs and initiatives. Aiming to keep Malaysia in the global spotlight, they’re focusing not just on Asean nations, but also on markets like the Middle East, China, India, and Europe. The rich natural landscapes of Sabah, Sarawak, and other states are especially attracting tourists from China, Taiwan, and Korea. Pre-pandemic, Chinese tourists were the predominant visitors to Sabah, with over half a million in 2019 alone.

This boost in tourism also intertwines with diplomatic relations, as emphasized during the Jordan Tourism Board Road Show. Jordan and Malaysia, both moderate Muslim nations, share a bond since 1965, with plans to celebrate 60 years of relations in the coming two years. (Bernama)

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