Antalya in winter

More Germans to Travel This Winter

Germany’s reduction of Russian gas imports and drastic rise in fuel prices show this winter will be more difficult for people in Germany.

The government of Olaf Scholz is preparing people by launching a campaign that has been encouraging people to take shorter, colder showers to try to achieve a collective consumption saving of 10% compared to previous summers.

This year, a new trend has emerged where to avoid high energy costs for cooking, heating, and cleaning this winter, many Germans are opting for a financially prudent option of going on a long winter holiday.

Germany’s packaged holiday companies have picked up on public sentiment and started offering affordable long stays in southern European and north African countries.

Director of Communications Aage Dunhaupt at TUI, said, “We have indeed seen a trend that people want to go on a long-term vacation, on a long-term vacation over the winter season, so it’s an ongoing trend. And the debate in Germany is very strong. The reason could be that people are going there because of the gas prices, the energy prices. And when you’re in the sun, of course, you don’t need energy there in that high amount, and in Germany, at home, the prices will not be affecting you.”

Destinations such as Türkiye, Egypt, Tunisia, or Cape Verde offer more than 90% all-inclusive accommodation and will offer a significant benefit, which is already evident from the start of bookings in the winter.

“Turkiye (Turkey) is already the number one destination for Germans and it’s already a very strong destination in winter so we see a lot of traffic going to the Antalya region for example,” said Dunhaupt, adding that some travelers were pensioners, others who want to be in the sun, who want to feel better.

“But also, there is this trend workcation, where people can go and work from the beaches. They can go in the afternoon, take a swim, using nice food and that is, of course, an advantage of Turkiye. It is nice food, it is something that the Germans know and that’s why they go there,” he said.

Berlin residents Anna and Pablo sit with their heads buried in a laptop looking for cheap long-stay holidays in Turkey. Anna says she and her partner can work remotely and would prefer to spend the winter in Türkiye’s Antalya region.

“What’s happening is the cost of living is exploding and we’re at a point where we can’t even imagine paying for the heating during the winter and it’s getting cold in here, it’s a big apartment,” she said. “[Three thousand] per year is quite much, it’s already at 100 bucks a month and if you multiply that by 400 percent more, it’s so crazy thing.”

“We both work remotely and we’re thinking about moving out maybe not completely but at least for the winter and go somewhere where it’s more affordable and warmer,” she said.

Electric and gas bills are fast becoming out of reach for the normal consumer. Anna and Pablo are looking to save money while living in Türkiye and sublet their apartment in Berlin.

“Generally speaking, the cost of living is way lower there (Türkiye). We found some options, we have good friends there. The people are friendly, we can stay at a resort and have some nice time with nice weather, and warmth,” said Anna.

Source: AA

Photo: Antalya

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