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New Cafes in London You Must Visit

Coffee is an indispensable part of most people, as their day itself begins with a cup of coffee. People of london love their coffee and afternoon tea as much as they love walking in local parks. Not just this, people love catching up after work at cafes and bars, or spend their weekends reading a book in a cafe.

We have curated a list of cafes to meet, greet, have a sip of coffee, and chill while sailing through your workday or pump your day after an exhilarating jog.

Check these cafes in London

Biscuiteers Icing Cafe

If you want to accompany your afternoon tea with exclusive finger sandwiches, tempting scones, and subtle patisserie, there can be no better option than Biscuit Boutiques and Icing Cafés. Skipping their iconic and well-curated hand-iced biscuits would be your biggest mistake.

Make your afternoon tea a little special at this cafe. Ask for their carrot cake, a pot of English tea, and DIY Icing. It is one of the cutest cafes situated in Notting hill and Kensington Park Rd.

Farm Girl Cafe

Farm Girl is a unique brand as it focuses on providing holistic, fresh, and healthy food along with amazing Aussie-style coffee. Their heart-winning service and alluring food captivate everyone’s attention. Its ambiance is breathtaking enough to soothe you.

Farm Girl is also known for its innovative dishes and local, organic, and quality supplies. If you are looking for a rooftop date during winter, this is the best place to go as it provides you with outdoor heaters and sheep’s wool seat covers.

This is the supreme choice for gluten-free, healthy, and vegan options. Rose latte and lavender latte are a must-try here. They have their cafes at Notting Hill, Soho, South Kensington, and Roll Baby.

Baccarat Bar & Cafe

If you are an evening enthusiast who is thrilled by bars and drinks, you should give this newly opened Baccarat Bar a try. As a matter of fact, this cafe is named after the famous ‘Baccarat Card Game’. This game is played at both online and real casinos. It is based on comparing cards between two hands- the ‘player’ and ‘banker. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you can start by playing live baccarat with a professional human dealer while sipping Baccarat Bar’s signature cocktail- Dorage.

Their hand-curated cocktails and eye capturing chandeliers, and leather and velvet banquettes are enough to time-travel you to some other world. It has also curated a dazzling cocktail menu, serving the world’s most exclusive wines and spirits to be coupled with porcini mushrooms and capes.

Peggy Porshen

Peggy Porshen chooses their staff meticulously who pick ingredients and develop and try numerous recipes and techniques of baking. This lets them give an essence of security and satisfaction to their customers that they receive the best quality and taste.

This Instagrammable cafe along with creative and thoughtful cakes lets you escape from reality and help you connect with your inner self. Its pink and pastel color magnetizes everyone and uplifts their mood instantly. Why not dive into this pretty cafe this season and satiate your sweet tooth?

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth Street has been featuring the original Monmouth Coffee for over four decades now. This was a trial that got hit because not many were aware of the artisan coffee way then. They also have their stores at Borough Market and Bermondsey.

The cafe has scrupulously selected staff who are a pro in their job. They carefully examine the beans so that the outcome is perfect for their customers. One revolutionizing thing they have come up with is that they don’t use single-use disposable cups in their cafes anymore; rather they offer takeaway coffee in reusable cups.

Bar Italia, Soho

If you love the vibes of an authentic Italian cafe, you must give Bar Italia a visit. It’s a classic Italian cafe that not just serves amazing coffee with warmth in a cozy atmosphere but also remits the culture it received as its legacy.

This cafe is a perfect example of history blending with the present. That’s what makes this cafe unique from other cafes. You can attach yourself to this institution and that’s what matters the most.

Kaffeine, Fitzrovia

This cafe is highly inspired by the astounding coffee culture throughout the world, especially in Australia and New Zealand. Kaffeine is an espresso bar and cafe in Fitzrovia. Its fame is exhibited by the fact that it is an independently owned cafe at two locations in Fitzrovia itself.

Just a 5 minutes stroll from Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road, Kaffeine serves you lip-smacking breakfast and lunch along with the delicacies specially baked that keep changing every week. Their espresso and chocolate biscuits are to die for. You can locate them at Eastcastle Street and Great Titchfield Street.

Algerian Coffee Stores, Soho

The tea and coffee of Algerian Coffee Stores have been winning everyone’s hearts since its inception in 1887. They bring you the original, exclusive, and finest confectionery.

Their best part is that they have kept the essence of their old times intact which is evident from the fact that they still have old black and white photographs on their website.

They serve some of the cheapest, best, and most amazingly curated coffee for every moment and temper of yours. They offer right from single-origin coffees to some elite house blends and limited edition coffees.

Workshop Coffee, Fitzrovia

As the name suggests, it is more of a workshop, rather than a cafe, and is inclined to those who stop, eat/drink, and gossip. But it certainly has some space backside housing some benches giving an immense library vibe so that you can savor your cup of coffee while reading a book.

They also have a subscription policy wherein you can subscribe to the delivery service of their packets every month. That packet explicitly mentions the source and the people behind the whole process.

The Final Words

London houses amazing coffee shops that not only serve delectable delicacies but also are pretty enough to uplift your mood. If you look for one, the city will pop up hundreds of coffee shops in front of you. Grace your day and enjoy yourself by entering any of these gorgeous cafes.

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