Madeira Islands Tourism Campaign

New Tourism Campaign Uses Visitors as Ambassadors of Madeira Islands

A new half-million euro multi-platform campaign for the national and international market aims to place visitors in the spotlight as ambassadors of Madeira Islands.

This comes further to the launch of the new brand identity for the destination in April this year, centred on belonging: ‘Madeira. Belongs to All’. The campaign reinforces the feeling of belonging and shows the diversity that exists in this region, which offers experiences, landscapes, culture, gastronomy and memories for an unparalleled trip. 

“I know where” is the motto of the new campaign launched by the Madeira Promotion Bureau. Starting from the premise of “belonging”, this lives as if visitors are recommending the destination for various reasons. Whether for the endless beaches, the temperate crystal blue waters, the cultural experiences, the lush natural landscape, the rich gastronomy, the hospitality of the locals, there are many reasons to take a trip to Madeira.  

“I know where there are all kinds of fun”, “I know where there are beaches that never end”, “I know where there are trips that stay in your memory” are some of the claims that will accompany images of the destination intended to excite potential travellers – the warm tone of the sand against the blue of the sea, an unexpected waterfall amidst the incredible and vibrant green of the ancient forest and the typical toboggans and their cheerful drivers. 

The campaign starts today in the national market and includes a presence in Lisbon and Porto, with a strong focus on digital (through social networks, display and search), which will be followed by radio and TV, in the media with the highest audience. Simultaneously, the campaign is launched in 17 international markets, taking advantage of the growing opening of these markets for leisure travel. The investment lasts until the end of July and is focused not only on traditional markets such as France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, but also new markets, such as Poland, Romania and Lithuania, among others. 

According to the Executive Director of APM, Nuno Vale “Whoever visits Madeira does not forget it. I always want to come back. Everyone shares the feeling of belonging; this was the premise for the campaign. It starts with the idea of ​​giving a voice to all those who felt at home during their visit to the region and having them share their recommendations. This is a campaign that focuses on the experience, on the human and warm side, supported by the unique look we have. We want to inspire everyone who is eager to travel this summer and next fall/winter, taking advantage of the rebound of markets” 

Where is the ideal destination to resume your travels? “I know where”.  

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