New York Tops the List of Best Cities to Celebrate Halloween in 2023

Halloween, a holiday synonymous with candy, costumes, horror films, and haunted houses, is eagerly anticipated by many Americans.

As the autumn leaves begin to fall, the countdown to October 31st begins. However, where you choose to celebrate can make all the difference in your Halloween experience.

This year, U.S. households are projected to spend an average of $108.24 on Halloween festivities, summing up to a whopping $12.2 billion across the 73% of households that partake in the celebration. From decorations and treats to costumes, the expenses can add up. For those looking to maximize their Halloween experience, especially in terms of activities and safety, location is key.

To aid in the decision-making, WalletHub conducted a comprehensive study comparing the 100 largest U.S. cities based on 20 crucial metrics. These metrics spanned from the number of costume stores per capita to the potential number of trick-or-treat stops.

Topping the list for 2023 is New York, NY, followed closely by Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA. Other cities making the top 20 include Miami, FL, Jersey City, NJ, and San Diego, CA. The full list showcases a diverse range of cities, each offering its unique Halloween flavor.

Top 20 Cities for Halloween
1. New York, NY11. Philadelphia, PA
2. Las Vegas, NV12. Santa Ana, CA
3. Los Angeles, CA13. San Francisco, CA
4. Miami, FL14. San Jose, CA
5. Jersey City, NJ15. Chicago, IL
6. Anaheim, CA16. Chula Vista, CA
7. San Diego, CA17. Newark, NJ
8. Boston, MA18. Sacramento, CA
9. Hialeah, FL19. Laredo, TX
10. Gilbert, AZ20. Long Beach, CA


Some intriguing Halloween facts from the study include:

  • A projected total spending of $12.2 billion for Halloween in 2023.
  • Costume expenses are expected to reach $4.1 billion.
  • Candy spending is anticipated to be around $3.6 billion.
  • 34% of parents believe the age of 13 or 14 is appropriate for children to trick-or-treat independently.
  • A surprising 60% of parents admit to sneaking some treats from their children’s Halloween collection.
  • The Halloween attraction industry is booming, with an annual revenue exceeding $1 billion. Notably, 80% of haunted attractions are operated by charitable organizations.

WalletHub’s methodology for ranking involved evaluating cities based on three primary dimensions: Trick-or-Treater-Friendliness, Halloween Fun, and Halloween Weather. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, ensuring the most favorable conditions for Halloween celebrations were highlighted.

With this comprehensive guide, those looking to make the most of their Halloween celebrations can now choose their destination wisely, ensuring a memorable and spook-tacular experience.

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