Places to travel if you have US Dollars

With the USD still being one of the most resilient currencies in the world, it is a good time to take advantage of this and travel to some dream destinations.

Understanding your finances when travelling

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any trip or travelling venture is the financial element. Most travellers look to make the most of the experience by ensuring that they get the most value for their money, particularly when travelling to another country. With the USD being recognised as the widely accepted currency for international trade and activity, some have championed buying and selling via Forex brokers as a way to get the necessary funds for travelling. On the other hand, some advice exchanging your money to the local currency instead. The latter option reduces the number of banks or people involved in the currency exchange process, which ultimately means that less fees will be charged on the funds. The process will also likely be much quicker and have less hassles. Secondly, opting for the local currency option means that you are aware of the exchange rates beforehand, as they are calculated upfront, meaning that you can budget and plan your itinerary accordingly based on that knowledge.

Travel destinations that favour the USD

While the USD remains amongst the most stable currencies in the world, it is advisable to select your travel destination strategically to ensure that you capitalise on its current strength. As some countries and currencies are still reeling from the conditions of 2020, now may be a good time to take advantage of that and travel to some of the destinations below while the USD is still strong.


As at July 2021, Sweden’s Krona stood at 8.23 Krona per USD, meaning that you can make the most of the sightseeing opportunities that present themselves without breaking the bank. Known for its opulent palaces and towns that are rich in history, Sweden is ideal for those that enjoy sightseeing, history and the outdoors. Boasting tourist attractions such as the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and Stockholm City Hall, now would be an opportune time to visit Sweden.


A moderate daily budget of $137 and luxury daily budget of $357 was approximated for potential travellers in July 2021. Italy is characterised by art and architecture that continues to attract people from across the globe, in addition to its beautiful landscapes and coastline. However, some businesses and tourist attractions are still temporarily closed amid the current conditions, whilst others are ensuring strict adherence to the regulations that have been put in place.


As at July 2021, the exchange rate stood at 1.29 CAD per USD. For those that enjoy cooler weather, now would be the best time to take advantage of the winter activities that are available in Canada. With French and English both being the national languages in Canada, some view it as the best of both worlds and believe that it appeals to both nature lovers and those that enjoy the more cosmopolitan and modern lifestyle.


Quoted at 1 USD to 105.89 JPY in July 2021, the previously pricey destination no longer seems out of reach. Known for its aesthetically pleasing gardens and cherry blossoms, it is also hailed for its variety of temples and skyscrapers. Moreover, geishas are said to be a key attraction that continue to draw travellers in. They are a distinctly Japanese experience of women who entertain through traditional arts.

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