Punta Ventana Destroyed

Puerto Rico’s Natural Wonder Punta Ventana Destroyed by Earthquake

Punta Ventana, which is one of Puerto Rico’s popular natural wonders that translates to “Window Point”, has been destroyed after strong earthquake that struck the coast of Puerto Rico on Monday and followed by other strong tremors

The major 6.4 magnitude earthquake and several other strong tremors caused island-wide power outages, damage, and leading to a state of emergency. 

Travelers with looming trips to Puerto Rico may be covered to cancel if they purchased travel insurance before the earthquake struck, specifically if the damage or power outages impacted their accommodations. While an earthquake alone isn’t enough to trigger standard trip cancellation coverage, travelers whose accommodations are uninhabitable due to power outages or damage from the earthquake may be covered to cancel their upcoming trip. Likewise, travelers unable to reach their accommodation safely due to road damage or closures may also be covered to cancel.

For travelers heading to Puerto Rico later this year, coverage may still be available for future quakes, as long as they are not related to those which have already occurred. Depending on the timing and magnitude of future earthquakes, insurance providers may consider them as aftershocks connected to the current earthquake or as separate events.

Discover Puerto Rico: Discover Puerto Rico is in contact with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to learn more about the potential impact on tourism following recent earthquakes. While damage is still being assessed, it does not appear that areas outside the southern region of the Island were impacted heavily, however, Governor Vázquez has declared a state of emergency as a precaution. Many establishments have lost power but are prepared and are running on generators. Of note, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, the San Juan Cruise Port, the Ponce Cruise Port and Airport, the Puerto Rico Convention Center, and attractions and hotels in northern Puerto Rico, including areas around San Juan, are open. For those traveling to and from Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, plan for additional time. The U.S. Geological Service has advised that there is no tsunami threat to the Island at this time. For the latest information and travel updates, visit DiscoverPuertoRico.com. We recommend that travelers currently in Puerto Rico or with upcoming travel plans contact their travel providers, hotels and local businesses to inquire about operations that have been impacted.”

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