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Seychelles Islands Welcoming Long-Term Remote Workers

The Seychelles Islands invite visitors around the world to take residence in the little corner of paradise through their Workcation Retreat Programme – a blend of work and leisure in a tropical getaway.

The programme entices remote workers with an irresistible offer to relocate their office to the island destination for a long-term escape from the hassles of mundane life, a desire that has skyrocketed since the pandemic.

Visitors will be able to live and work in the tropical destination for a maximum period of one year. It is to be noted that only visitors whose business and source of income is outside Seychelles, will qualify for the programme.

Speaking on the launch of the Seychelles Workcation programme on Thursday, the Seychelles Tourism Board Chief Executive, Mrs Sherin Francis, mentions that the project transcends the visitor’s usual holiday experience.

“Home office has become the new normal for the majority of workers and Seychelles Workation Programme is providing them with an opportunity to continue working from ‘home’, but in a more picturesque location,” she said.

“The programme will attend to their daily needs whilst integrating the island-life experience. Reconnecting with nature is a big part of what we want people to experience while being here as not only is it relaxing, but also would help to boost one’s creativity and productivity,” said Mrs Francis.

The Seychelles Workcation programme targets remote workers or anyone who is able to perform their duties outside a traditional and physical office, irrespective of their family statuses, as it caters for single workers, couples or even families.

The programme is open to all valid passport holders and encompasses various services that support remote working.

Potential applicants to the programme will be expected to comply with health guidelines in the destination. Other requirements include having a valid medical and travel insurance for the entire period of stay in Seychelles.

The Seychelles Workcation Retreat Programme is a joint collaboration of various agencies and organisations, notably the Seychelles Tourism Board, Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Department of Tourism, Seychelles Investment Board (SIB), Seychelles Hospitality & Tourism Association (SHTA), Department of immigration and the Department of Civil Aviation Ports and Marine.


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