Seychelles to Use Travizory Technology for Travel Authorization

The Republic of Seychelles is going live with Travizory technology to facilitate the collection and analysis of traveler documentation to ensure re-opening of the borders in the safest manner.

This is a mere three weeks after the agreement was signed, following Cabinet of Ministers approval for the installation and deployment of the technology.

The new technology allows Seychelles health authorities to collect identity and health information directly from the traveler via easy to use web and mobile apps.

The information is fed securely into a single system, providing advance information about all travelers wishing to travel to the Seychelles.

The system gives authorities the capability to run rapid and efficient vetting procedures to minimize COVID-19 risks and other security risks.

Alan Renaud, Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine, said, “Streamlining the process this way makes it faster and more accurate for our authorities, and reduces paperwork. We wanted to move to a digital and paperless gathering of information, following the recommendations of ICAO, IATA, and the WTTC for touchless and paperless travel. The new system removes the guesswork for airlines at check-in and boarding. And, perhaps most importantly, it makes the passenger journey smoother and provides more peace of mind to travelers that they will not be stopped on their way”.

Dr. Jude Gedeon, Seychelles’ Public Health Commissioner, said: “Keeping our citizens safe from the pandemic is our number one responsibility. However, we need to enable international travel to let in key workers and specialists and to allow tourism to restart and for our citizens to work again.

With our current email and multiple forms, doctors and airport staff were struggling to keep pace with the number of arrivals. We have now given them a tool to focus their attention where it is most needed.

After the technology beds-in, we will roll out connected technologies at approved accommodations, to further enhance the passenger experience within our islands, by avoiding unnecessary forms to be filled by travelers at various touchpoints, while simultaneously boosting our contact-tracing capabilities, which benefits our visitors and our citizenry alike.”

The new Visitor Management Platform replaces the current email and form-based system, which was cumbersome for travelers and airlines, as well as labor-intensive for travelers and authorities alike.

Travizory’s technology allows the straightforward management of all travelers, from pre-arrival to the point of exit, enabling the authorities to keep their borders open while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

seychelles travel authorization

Airlines are also embracing the new system as they will know for sure that travelers have been authorized to travel. Airlines can now verify the validity of the traveler authorization prior to boarding. In addition, airlines will submit Advance Passenger Information (API data) by electronic means to the Republic of Seychelles.

Alan Renaud said, “By having all the passenger information submitted ahead of time, including passengers’ own health certification, we eliminate inefficiencies. Security clearance is streamlined, simplifying the process of entry. The end result is better performance and reduced risk, all of which comes together to improve the passenger experience, not only at airports, but in our archipelago as well.”

Travelers benefit from the new solution by providing a smoother journey and removing uncertainty. With the new technology, travelers can apply from their mobile phone via Android or iOS apps or on the web in about 5 minutes. Travelers will receive a clear response on their eligibility to travel in the form of a secure barcode, also available as a wallet pass, which they can present at check-in and boarding, offering peace of mind about both their security and health.

Renaud Irminger, CEO of Travizory said, “The Travizory technology goes beyond just providing the Seychelles with a platform to efficiently perform health screening and help with border control. It is about providing the traveler with a positive experience. By making the whole process as painless as possible, giving people the assurance that they will be allowed to travel to the country and that the flight they are on is safe, the experience of visiting the Seychelles will now be even better.”

Irminger continued, “Our platform is future proof and is ready to ingest COVID-19 vaccination certificates. Moreover, as COVID-19 is replaced by the next threat, the technology can very easily be adapted to keep the Seychelles, its inhabitants and its visitors as safe as possible, from all threats regardless of where they come from.”

Didier Dogley, Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine, and Chair of the Re-opening of Seychelles Taskforce, concluded: “The Travizory technology enables health and tourism authorities to ensure that travelers are only staying at licensed establishments and liveaboards that have been certified. The new technology will allow us to balance the need for tourism to grow and sustain our economy without compromising the health of our citizens. It will have a very positive impact on tourism and the wider economy in the Seychelles, as well as clearly demonstrating Seychelles ability to deploy digital solutions”.

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