Seychelles Tourist Arrivals in 2019

Seychelles Tourist Arrivals Increased in 2019

Home to numerous world-famous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, Seychelles, a small island destination in the Indian Ocean, announced an increase in tourism arrivals to the island in 2019.

The Seychelles Tourism Board announced that the island achieved a 6 percent increase in tourist arrivals thanks to worldwide promotion by participating in international events as well as hosting international sporting events. According to Seychelles’ National Bureau of Statistics data, total number of visitor arrivals for 2019 increased to 384,204, from 351,235 in 2018. 

Sherin Francis, the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board said that tourism arrivals to Seychelles in 2019 have surpassed the goal set by the STB which was set at 4 percent. “In the two past years, one of our strategies was to increase our visibility through collaborations with prestigious sports events held on our shores and this has opened our beautiful islands to another audience altogether.”

Germany continued to lead the tourism market for Seychelles – 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean – with around 70,000 visitors. The second was France followed by the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland.


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