Seychelles Updates its Travel Requirements, Welcomes Vaccinated Travelers

While the world continues to experience the COVID-19 pandemic, Seychelles remains open to visitors and recently updates its travel requirements with the start of COVID-19 vaccination around the world including in Seychelles.

As of January 27, more than 25,000 people had received the first dose of a vaccine, which represents 27 percent of the total population. The country hopes to vaccinate 70,000 people so as to achieve herd immunity; to date, 37 percent of this target has been attained. A total of 21,507 doses of Sinopharm and about 4,000 doses of Covishield have been administered, according to Seychelles News Agency news on Jan. 28.

According to the latest update from Seychelles, travelers from any country, who have been vaccinated, can travel to Seychelles (infants and children exempted).

Non-vaccinated visitors from permitted countries are also allowed to travel to Seychelles under special conditions.

Visitors transiting through countries not on the permitted list (category 1) are allowed into Seychelles if they do not exit the airport during transit.

Visitors from non-permited countries who have stayed at least 14 days or more in a country on the permitted list (category 1) are permitted to enter into Seychelles.

Non-vaccinated visitors arriving by sea may also enter Seychelles subject to the approval of the Seychelles Health Authority.

The vessel must spend at least 21 days at sea from its last port of call before entering Seychelles without a PCR test or they can come to shore after 10 days with a negative PCR test result.

With immediate effect, all visitors from any part of the world who have been vaccinated and are able to show proof that they have taken the complete dose of the vaccine (the two doses) and that two weeks have elapsed after the second dose will be allowed to enter Seychelles. However, they must provide an authentic certificate of vaccination and must also have a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours prior to travel. They will also be allowed free movement throughout their stay in Seychelles. 

Whereas visitors who have not been vaccinated coming from Permitted Countries will also be allowed entry. Permitted countries have been divided into 2 categories. 

Permitted countries considered low and medium risk have been listed as Category 1.

Countries from which visitors are permitted to travel to Seychelles

seychelles country categories jan2021

Changes to the list

1. Gabon, Kuwait, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan added to Category 1

2. Cyprus, Latvia, Malaysia, Senegal, South Africa and South Korea suspended from Category 1 (suspension of South Africa takes effect from 31 December 2020 as previously announced)

3. The United Kingdom suspended from Category 2 with effect from 28 December 2020 as previously announced.

Note that conditions of travel and stay for visitors from Category 1 and Category 2 countries are available at and

Visitors are reminded that an application for Health Travel Authorisation must be made at The Health Travel Authorisation received from this service authorises travel to Seychelles. Authorisation to enter Seychelles, and specific conditions, are determined by the relevant officers on arrival

Consideration for entry in Seychelles may also be given to visitors who are not on the permitted list of countries and who have not been vaccinated but they must be arriving by private jets. However, they will be limited to staying at certified island resorts or on board super yachts only. All pre-travel applications for authorisation of entry in the country by visitors from countries not on the permitted list and are arriving by private jets and have not been vaccinated must be submitted to the Public Health Authority at the following email address: [email protected] for approval. 

Additional New Measures effective as of Mid-March 2021 onwards 

Once the majority of the adult population in Seychelles has been vaccinated, Seychelles will be open to all visitors from any part of the world whether they have been vaccinated or not. However they must still have a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours prior to travel. 

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