Tel Aviv's invitation for UAE travelers

Tel Aviv-Yafo Invites Travelers from the United Arab Emirates

Following the State of Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced an agreement for the normalization of relations between the countries, Tel Aviv-Yafo invites potential visitors from the United Arab Emirates in a unique way.

Six of the UAE’s most distinctive and impressive landmarks were sculpted from the sand at Tel Aviv’s Geula Beach by talented sand sculptor Tzvi Halevi, alongside the greeting “Welcome” in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Landmarks included the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

As Israel and the UAE welcome a new era in regional relations, Tel Aviv-Yafo is eager to attract and welcome new visitors to the city from the Persian Gulf state. An estimated flight time of only three hours between the countries ensures that both destinations are mutually attractive for potential tourists and business people alike.

Tel Aviv-Yafo will also publish a short video in the coming days, featuring the sand sculptures, stunning coastline, and a multilingual invitation to visit the city. Tel Aviv-Yafo hopes that the video will reach millions of Emirati households and others worldwide wishing to experience everything that the coastal city offers to visitors.

Tel Aviv sand invitation UAE

Sharon Landes-Fischer, Acting CEO of Tel Aviv Global & Tourism: “Tel Aviv-Yafo is delighted to extend a citywide invitation to visitors from the United Arab Emirates. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, seeking to do business in the Start-Up City, or experience the Non-Stop City, the door to Tel Aviv-Yafo is wide open to you. As we enter a new era of regional relations, we are confident that this new and emerging market will benefit from all that Tel Aviv-Yafo has to offer.”

Israel welcomed 4.55 million visitors in 2019, representing an all-time record in incoming tourism. Tel Aviv hotels recorded almost 3.8 million overnight stays, boasting an average hotel occupancy rate of 76%.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on global tourism, Tel Aviv-Yafo is certain that new and emerging tourism markets including the UAE will expedite its recovery.

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Images courtesy of Barak Brinker

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