Best Casinos to Travel to Around the World

The Best Casinos to Travel to Around the World

Travel is one of the most popular hobbies now, with 1.4 billion people travelling internationally each year. That doesn’t even include those holidaying in their own country, which is many millions more.

We travel to get a taste of the exotic, a break from the norm. Many want to try new things when they travel, whether that’s food or a new activity.

When travelling, many people like to get dressed up for a night on the town. It’s fun to combine dinner with a show, or something to do after you’ve eaten.

That’s why casinos are a popular choice. There’s so much to keep people amused, and tourists have more time and money to enjoy these establishments.

Most of these casinos are luxurious places, where you can mingle with the wealthy and sometimes famous. They are also places where you can get lucky and win big from the roll of a dice.

Casino games such as blackjack, poker and roulette bring plenty of excitement and really draw the crowds.

So where should you travel to to find the best casinos? We’ve made a list of six of the best, so you have a choice for your next holiday.

1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This striking landmark on the Singapore skyline is one of the newer casinos, and one of the biggest. It houses the largest atrium casino in the world, and 2,300 slot machines, so you can always play.

This is where the high-rollers of Asia come to play, and they are treated well. Sit at one of the 600 tables and be prepared to play against the best.

When you need a break, you can visit the SkyGarden or take a dip in the famous infinity pool. The spectacular views from 57 storeys up deserve to be caught on camera.

2. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you want to feel like James Bond, then pull up your Jaguar to this historic casino. Europe’s premier casino destination is located on the French Riviera, with beautiful views of mountains and sea.

It opened in July 1865, but it is only the second-oldest casino on this list. Its architecture and interior design are breathtakingly ornate, so those with an eye for aesthetics will appreciate playing here.

There are also some great stories about the place:

  • In the summer of 1913, the ball fell in black 26 times in a row!
  • Kylie’s video for “On a Night Like This” was filmed here
  • Scenes from Oceans 12 were also shot here

3. The Venetian, Macau 

Located on the southernmost coast of China, the region of Macau is a special administrative region of the country. This means that the laws are different here, and it certainly is a millionaire’s playground.

Of all the glitzy casinos in the city, The Venetian, Macau is the grandest. With over 10.5 million square foot of floor space, it is the largest single structure hotel in Asia.

The casino has four themed gaming areas:

  • Golden Fish
  • Imperial House
  • Red Dragon
  • Phoenix

Take your pick and you might strike it lucky! When you get hungry, you can dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

4. Maxim’s Casino, London, UK

It’s true that London’s casinos don’t quite match the levels of ostentation as some on this list. However, they more than make up for it with history and prestige.

You require a membership to play at Maxim’s, located at no. 1 Palace Gate House, Kensington. It opened in 1862, and was constructed at the behest of John Foster, a close pal of the author Charles Dickens.

The marble fireplaces and wood panelling lend an air of elegance, but it also has the latest innovations in gaming. The casino famously hosts some great poker cash tournaments.

5. The Bellagio, Las Vegas 

Amid the bright lights of the Strip, the most famous casino destination in the world, is the Bellagio. Although it’s been open for nearly 25 years, it is still one of the most popular places to play.

It has one of the largest poker rooms in the city, and other table games options including craps and baccarat. Of course, the dazzling free fountain show is another big attraction.

You can even get married at the property – there are two wedding chapels.

With over 2,400 slot machines, there’s every chance of finding a free one, even at peak times.

6. Sun City, Rustenberg, South Africa

Head to the North West Province of the country to this luxurious resort where you’ll never get bored. The Palace of the Lost City is an architectural spectacle, though it blends with the landscape quite well.

40 popular table games on offer here, so you can take a seat and try your luck. Play slots amid lush foliage and admire the cascading waterfall.

This is truly an exotic place to indulge your love of games.

Get the Experience at Home 

While it’s fun to travel and visit these casinos, recent technology allows you to relive the experience at home. AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), as well as live table action, brings it all to life.

Soon it will be possible to see, hear and even smell what it’s like to sit at a Macau casino table. These innovations open up the casino world to new players.

Now you have inspiration, whether you want the bright lights of Vegas or the old-world glamour of Monaco.

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