The Most Luxurious Restaurants To Dine At

Fine dining is something that we all wish we could indulge in more frequently. Of course, it does come with a price tag attached to it, and that is probably why many of the times you will find that the dining experience is limited to holidays and treats to ourselves every once-in-a-while.

If you are due a nice dining experience, you may be wondering where the best destinations are, for that culinary experience that you are seeking.

If you find that the dining hotspots that we have listed down below, to be above your budget, look no further than the alternative that we have provided here. We have the best betting bonus offers of the moment, so you can alternatively dine in and entertain yourself with.

Fasano, Uruguay

Fasano is a restaurant within the destination of Punta del Este of Uruguay. While the restaurant is open for private bookings, it actually is a part of the Hotel Fasano Las Piedras, which is housed on the land of an old Farmhouse. You can expect pleasant scenery and views to be a part of your dining experience, and with 480-acres to be looking at while you eat, you can guarantee that it will be an epic view to set the vibe and atmosphere. The restaurant itself also has a very rustic and simple feel too, so essentially your entire meal is surrounded by raw beauty, and that is what guests often thoroughly appreciate and enjoy.

Nothing beats the beauty that nature can provide with a live orchestra playing, as you eat the best of what life can offer, during the most perfect sunset views.

Ithaa Undersea, Maldives

Maldives has long been pinpointed by wanderlust seekers all over the world. Why? Because it provides the escape that we often seek, and what can provide you with that more than a beautiful island surrounded by vast clear blue oceans and white sand beaches? We struggle to think of anything better, and best of all, the Ithaa restaurant is one of the most luxurious fine dining experiences that you can go for in the world.

The interiors of this restaurant are very special indeed, as while you eat, the whole ocean literally swims above you. We are talking about an underwater tunnel with a 270-degree transparent panelling. While the seating to the dining area is quite intimate, you will be able to discuss your favourite sea creatures. Just let’s hope that you do not have a fear of sharks, as that could be quite problematic then, couldn’t it?

Honeymooners will find that this dining experience will be added on to their hotel stay, just be ready to splurge, as the costs are not cheap…

Nautika, Croatia

Within the region of Dubrovnik Croatia, exists one of the most beautiful and intimate dining experiences you could ask for. The setting of your meal will overlook the sea at Pile, and accompany the entrance of the Old town. What gets better at setting the scene, then embracing history, architecture, nature and some fine dining. While the outdoor terrace is on the edge of the sea and is elevated on a large balcony, when the weather is warm during summer, you can practically hang out all day without getting a chill. The breeze from the sea makes the atmosphere just right, and very pleasant.

All the food that you can eat here, includes freshly caught fish from the sea that you will be dining above. Not many can say that they ate freshly caught fish put straight on the plate, which is why the bill will obviously be quite a hit once it is reeled in.

Le Louis, Monaco

Le Louis stands for the epitome of luxury and elegance. This spot is within the well-known expensive destination of Monaco, meaning if you are one to frequently visit there, you most certainly have the cash to accommodate you.

After a recent review, the Telegraph named this dining experience as one of the best in the world, and it was claimed to be so,  by some of the best chefs in the world: Puck and Raymond Blanc. You know when they say it, it must be true, as they have their own Michelin-starred restaurants. For starters, the interiors are decorated with real gold, even the dishes themselves use gold too-Yes!

While it probably is not a typical place where you and your friends can meet up for dinner, it certainly is a hotspot for couples or individuals wanting to celebrate key moments within their life.

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