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The World’s most and least powerful passports in 2017

A new list of the world’s most and least powerful passports has been released. The list ranks passports for the ease of travel they offer.

The latest edition of the Passport Index by Arton Capital compares passports from 199 countries including the 193 United Nations member countries as well as the Republic of China, Kosovo, Palestine, and The Vatican.

Germany ranks the most powerful passport in the world, with a visa-free score of 157, followed by Sweden, Finland, Italy and Switzerland.

The highest ranked European country with an available Citizenship by Investment program is that of Malta, ranked 7th, followed by Cyprus (11th) and Bulgaria (14th).

The UAE tops the GCC ranking with a visa free score of 122 (and a global rank of 26), followed by Kuwait (visa free score of 81), and Qatar with a score of 77.

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Turkey, Moldova, and Colombia ranked 38th with a visa free score of 104 points.

Top 10 most powerful passports

1. Germany | Visa free score: 157
2. Singapore, Sweden | Visa free score: 156
3. Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, UK, USA | Visa free score: 155
4. Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Japan | Visa free score: 154
5. Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand | Visa free score: 153
6. Greece, South Korea, Australia | Visa free score: 152
7. Czech Republic, Iceland | Visa free score: 151
8. Hungary | Visa free score: 150
9. Malta, Poland | Visa free score: 149
10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia | Visa free score: 148

Top 10 least powerful passports

1. Afghanistan | Visa free score: 23
2. Pakistan | Visa free score: 26
3. Iraq | Visa free score: 28
4. Syria | Visa free score: 29
5. Somalia | Visa free score: 30
6. South Sudan, Etiopia | Visa free score: 34
7. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh | Visa free score: 35
8. Iran, Eritrea, Sudan | Visa free score: 36
9. Palestinian territories, Nepal, Libya | Visa free score: 37
10. Lebanon | Visa free score: 38

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