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Top 5 Destinations for RV Camping In the Philippines

Summer is almost around the corner! Are you ready to enjoy your holiday in a remote place away from crowd.  Taking your home with you on the road will give you the freedom to venture out into areas off the well-trodden track, in luxury motorhomes that can sleep a whole family.

The Philippines showcases a lot of popular camping destinations, as well as those places that are still waiting to be discovered. If camping is the type of holiday you desire, check out the following camping locations.

1. Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Anawangin is one of the most popular camping destinations. If you love to go to the beach and hike up a mountain at the same time, and want to drive less, Anawangin is the place you need to consider. It is a few hours away from Manila, the country’s capital city. The weather here is generally mild, especially during the third and fourth quarters of the year.

2. Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Just a few miles away from Anawangin Cove is Nagsasa Cove. Like Anawangin, there is no direct source of electricity here and you may even have a difficulty to catch a signal for your mobile phone.

3. Borawan

Borawan Island is named after two famous places in the Philippines: Boracay and Palawan. It has Boracay’s fine white sand and beautiful rock formations reminiscent of Palawan’s limestone cliffs. Borawan is a great place to visit for a weekend with your family or friends at a low cost. I mean, it’s 4 hours away from Manila.

4. Tagaytay

Known for its mild climate and the overlooking view of Taal volcano, which is surrounded by Taal Lake, Tagaytay has been a top tourist destination during summer. Many campers visit the site to enjoy various kinds of convenience like food choices, the technology, and most especially the feeling of nature surrounding the place.

5. Ayoke Island

Located in the province of Surigao del Sur in Mindanao, Ayoke Island is far from that of mainstream camping destinations. Ayoke Island is a small fishing community of more than 100 families. Almost half of the island is part a marine protected area or a sanctuary wherein fishing, catching giant clams, and collecting coral is prohibited, making it perfect for snorkeling.

With the crystal clear blue water surrounding the island, you can choose from the different types of terrain you want to plunge yourself into. From the fine white-sand beach facing Cantilan to the rocky coastline facing the Pacific Ocean, whatever side of the island you’re on, the view is just amazing.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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