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Top Tips For Prepping For A Motorhome Road Trip This Summer


As the months are getting hotter and the holiday season is here, what better time than now to plan the perfect road trip across the country.

Whether travelling by car or motorhome, road trips are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to travel with friends and family for an unforgettable experience. But what do you need to know exactly about the in’s and out’s of a road trip? Here are just a few tips for planning your summer getaway.

Planning the destination of dreams

As the first step of planning your summer road trip, finding the perfect destination and the best route to use is vital in setting the tone for the rest of your trip. There are a range of popular road trip routes and destinations to choose from. Ireland is just one place with a range of stunning landscapes and attractions to complete your road-trip of the year. With places like the Wild Atlantic Way to take you on an enchanting journey, the coastal route of Ireland is filled with beautiful views to take in on your travels. For the Game Of Thrones fans, you are in for an extra treat as Ireland is the home of many exceptional filming locations of the show, from Winterfell to the King’s Road and the coveted iron throne, this experience is one to remember.

Prepare an itinerary for top locations to visit

Creating an itinerary may seem like a trivial task, but with the right tips and advice on how to create your itinerary, your trip will be a breeze. The organisation will help you to make the most out of your time on the road, with every factor being put into consideration for your travels. Organising every piece of information you may need, including health documents, emergency contacts, event dates, day to day plans – these itineraries don’t miss a thing! Another top tip to remember while travelling is to plan out how much fuel you may need for your motorhome, along with where you can stop for fuel, to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

Travel apps that help navigate your road trip safely

The right travel apps can make your experience less stressful, as it can save you both time and money. As well as helping you navigate a new area, these apps can also give you recommendations of local hidden gems, help you get a last-minute booking, find you the speediest routes, and much more. For those travelling by motorhome, the RV parks and campgrounds app is a must-have, and will be your new best friend on your road trips. As it helps you locate prime campgrounds and RV parks based on ratings and reviews, you won’t miss a thing while travelling in your motorhome. There are also handy travelling apps such as GasBuddy, Triplt, Roadtrippers, and many more which help you locate local petrol stations, arrange extra accommodation if needed, and help you to thoroughly organise your trip.

Preparing your motorhome for a safe journey

One of the most vital aspects before embarking on your journey, is ensuring you conduct maintenance and systemised checks on your vehicle to ensure it is suitable for your road trip. There are many basic preparation checklists that require checks to ensure your motorhome is safe for use on your road trip. This includes things like making sure batteries are fully charged, looking for any water leaks in your motorhome, and ensuring the treads on your tires are in good enough condition. If you’re travelling during summer, the RAC also has useful tips on how to avoid a summer breakdown on the roads. Conducting simple vehicle checks before leaving home will save you from any disruptions to your road trip in the long run, and allow you to have a safer and easygoing trip.

The benefits of travelling in your own motorhome

  • The added sense of freedom

The biggest advantage of travelling using a motorhome is that you are not tied to one location. Owning your own motorhome allows you to explore new places because you get to go anywhere that you want, whenever you want. With no need to follow strict times and schedules, travelling in your own motorhome allows you to follow your own itinerary, with everything you need at your fingertips.

  • The comfort of travelling in your own home

A campervan is essentially a home on wheels. It comes with amenities such as electricity, home appliances, comfortable seats, flushing water, and many more things that make it like your very own home on the go. When buying your own motorhome, you can even further customise it to increase comfort. Companies like Thompson Leisure offer a range of the finest campervans and motorhomes for sale or rental for your own luxury on your road trip travels.

  • Travelling with pets on your adventures

As many hotels don’t allow pets and are unable to accommodate them, this is often a huge breaking point for travellers wanting to experience life with their furry friends. Travelling in a motorhome is the perfect way to include the whole family on your road trip adventures, as you can conveniently bring any pets on your travels without any hassle.

  • Hitting every destination point on your travels

Another huge benefit to motorhome travelling, is being able to stick to your own plans during your trip. With no schedules to follow, you can ensure you get to take in every breathtaking view your road trip has to offer- after all, who’s stopping you! Even whilst travelling from destination to destination, motorhome travelling allows you to experience the views during your journey and take your own routes, which is something no plane ride would have to offer.

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