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Tourism in Australia: Sydney as the Best City in the World


Australia is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, in the southern hemisphere, occupies one of the oldest landmasses. It has more than 36,000 km. of the coast, with very calm bays, gentle waves, beautiful cliffs, surrounded by the Pacific Oceans, the Arafura Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean, with its waters of different shades of blue.

A paradisiacal place for capturing images offering a landscape full of shades where they turn from an intense red until reaching the greenish-blue of their bushes or the white trunks of eucalyptus. And don’t forget kangaroos! You may have seen their icons in various  slot games but at mr bet slots you can see them in real form, and in large quantities!

Among the most prominent tourist attractions is the Sydney city

Sydney is a beautiful city, built in one of the most prestigious bays worldwide, with numerous beaches with interesting recreational and sporting proposals. Within Sydney we find:

Sydney harbour Opera HouseSydney Opera House

Sidney Opera House image often appears in syndicate casino aus games.The construction of the Sydney Opera House begins in 1959 and ends with the inauguration in 1973. It houses the most important ballet, opera and theater companies as well as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. More than 100 thousand events have been held in this theater and it has been visited by more than 100 million people. Recognized worldwide for its imposing architecture and for a very particular design of successive interlocking concrete layers, belonging to the Gothic style. It has auditoriums, reception halls, countless changing rooms, bars, offices and other units. There you can make an artistic, architectural, cultural and commercial tourism.

Manly City

Manly is a city and tourist center near Sydney Harbor. In it there are restaurants, several boutiques, the Ocean World aquarium, the North Head station, where you can make an unparalleled panorama. The area around the city of Manly is special for walks and in its part of beaches for the realization of sports and water activities, where different beaches such as Balmoral, Camp Cove, Palm Beach, among others stand out. In this city you can perform a type of adventure tourism, such as sports and commercial.

Darling Harbor Center

Darling Harbor is a Sydney celebrations center, with a complex of shops, restaurants, and other items. With other attractions such as the Maritime Museum of Australia, the Power House Museum and Sega World. In this place you can develop a type of cultural, commercial and architectural tourism.

canberra old parliament houseCanberra city

Canberra is the city of Australia, bright and dynamic. Site to perform all kinds of activities because it has an important building infrastructure according to each of them, such as rugby, cycling with numerous trails where you can ride a bike, special places to practice flights such as hang gliding, and more.

Parliament House

The House of Parliament is a monumental complex, finished its construction in 1988, replacing the old building. It has a program of guided tours and with access to the audiences to the different cameras. Here you can perform a type of historical, architectural, artistic and cultural tourism.

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin has developed an interesting city, with wide boulevards, well-distributed homes, accompanied by an artificial lake named after its creator architect Walter Burley Giffin. A modern city, with innovative and multicultural design. A type of ecological tourism can be developed.

Sydney is waiting for you. Have you prepared everything to go there?

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