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Traveling Together With a Slavic Girl: 5 Problems You Will Face

You cannot assume that you know your Slavic girlfriend well until you have done a few things together: had a fight, got drunk, and traveled together. The last point includes the first two, so we will stop on it.

Your first vacation together with Slavic women from brides4love may be more telling than all the time you spent together before. It is up to you to decide if you are ready to go on a trip with this girl. Here are some of the problems you might encounter on your first trip together and how you can solve them.

1.   You Will Experience the Stress of the Road

Traveling is fun, but the road and organizational issues can unnerve a lot. During flights, long trips by car, figuring out how best to get to a place, it is easy to lose a positive attitude and spoil the mood for yourself and others.

To overcome the stress of traveling, evaluate what is happening in general. Keep calm, and your partner will feed off your positive vibrations just as much as when you project stress. No matter what happens, focus on the anticipation of a shared vacation, and not on annoying details.

2.   You May Not Like the Same Events

You won’t like everything your Slavic bride likes, and you shouldn’t expect her to share all your ideas either. Joint planning is an essential part of preparing for a trip. Setting expectations of what you both would like to see and do on a trip will avoid those little arguments that can ruin your vacation. “Compromise” is your favorite word for a vacation together.

3.   You May Find out That You Are Not Suitable for Each Other

Traveling together is the best way to find out how well you fit together. If you have been together for not very long, disappointment is not excluded. It is recommended to choose a short direction for the first trip, for instance, for the weekend. When traveling abroad, you will encounter many unusual situations and can reveal sides in each other that you did not notice before.

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4.   You Will Spend Too Much Time Together

The jump from Friday dating and shared weekends to 24/7 living together will be stressful for new relationships. This will bring you very close, but perhaps even too much. If you don’t want to get bored with each other ahead of time, try to give each other more freedom. You do not have to go everywhere together, even though this is your journey together. Separate periodically and enjoy your vacation, each in your own way.

5.   You Will Get Discouraged by Too High Expectations

The best travel advice is to lower your travel expectations. It’s hard for many not to dream of a perfect vacation and not start imagining how everything will be, long before the vacation. But this approach will surely lead to disappointment, especially since there are two of you and not everything depends exclusively on you.

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