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Visiting Texas? Here’s A List Of Things You Should Do!


Texas is far from an ordinary place. It is the second largest state in the US, with a flourishing kaleidoscope of cultures and places to visit.

The hot, summery state has geographically rich and unique attractions to visit.

Texas tourism industry is worth $69 billion. Its promising revenues makes it one of the most profitable tourism industry in the US. People worldwide love visiting Texas for its aesthetically pleasing coastal lines and diverse cultures.

Whether you are on a backpacking trip or a tourist vacation, there are a ton of places to visit. Every city and destination has a character and culture of its own. Metropolitan centers like Dallas and Austin complement West Texas cities like Lubbock perfectly.

Don’t forget the famous BBQ, Tex-Mex Chicken, and other infamous foods you should eat on your tour. Here’s a list of activities and places tourists love to visit in Texas, which you should see too:

1.   San Antonio’s River Walk

Right in the city’s heart, the San Antonio River Walk runs for several miles along the river. Start your day by dining in one of the restaurants lining the river walk. It’s built nicely below the street level with beautiful patios for hosting customers.

Besides strolling, you can enjoy the river by cruising in a river boat. Witness all the sights on a standard cruise or a leisurely dinner cruise. This site is one of the most popular ones among tourists.

2.   The Alamo

If you are a history buff, don’t forget to visit the Alamo. It’s one of the most crucial historical sites in the US, as it was established as part of a mission station in 1718. Later, it was converted into a fort in 1836.

The Alamo gained popularity during the Texas Revolution time. At that time, Davie Crockett and James Bowie, along with a small force, barricaded themselves in this fort for protection against an almost 3000 Mexican army.

While the small force of 187 defenders was killed, the chant “Remember the Alamo” went through the state like a wild cry and eventually overcame the Mexicans. Now, you can visit this historical landmark and witness the restored buildings.

You can also experience the cenotaph honoring the fallen Texans, which holds a museum as well. The museum displays the used weapons and artifacts from that event.

3.   Time for Some Online Gaming Activities

You can’t really spend every passing moment touring a place. So, for some downtime, online gaming activities are the best sport. Start with playing online poker. To play online poker in Texas, you must find a reputable and trustworthy online casino.

Who doesn’t love a little gamble? Poker is one of Texas’s most famous and widely played games. You can also participate in the poker tournaments these online casinos and poker sites offer.

The best part of these online poker games is that you won’t have to visit a physical casino or wait in a queue. All you have to do is enroll with your online poker ID and compete against others. You can win huge payouts from these tournaments if you are a pro.

Your taste will define the poker variant you would like to play. Texas Hold’em is preferably the infamous variant. But you can also try Omaha Hi-Low, 5-card draw, or Omaha Hold’em.

You can also play video poker, online slots, and other classic games like Counter-Strike, FIFA, and Call of Duty: Modern War Fare. The game choices are unlimited. Choose whichever you want to pass your free time.

4.   Visit the Space Center Houston

You can’t leave Houston without visiting the Space Center. It’s located in the heart of the city, brimming with tech. This popular tourist attraction is all about space exploration, NASA’s latest space projects, and upcoming space missions.

Who’s to know? You may even find an astronaut in the center. You can visit the Johnson Space Center and Mission Control on a reserved tour. While visiting the space centers, make sure that you take at least half a day out for this tour.

Tourists love the space shuttle replica mounted on a shuttle carrier present in the complex. You can walk inside the shuttle, the carrier, and the replica of the US’s first space station, Skylab. Other important highlights from the complex include touching the rock brought from the moon and mars and sightseeing other rockets.

5.   The Big Bend National Park

It’s time for some much-needed nature break. The Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas holds some of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the state. Canyons, the river flowing along the border, and mountains, you name it, and West Texas has it.

Visit the Big Bend National Park for recreational activities and sightseeing. The park welcomes outdoor enthusiasts. There are multiple hiking trails and campgrounds spread throughout the park.

Paddle along the Rio Grande or go for a picnic. The hot season offers these popular activities for tourists. If you don’t want to hike, just opt for birdwatching. This popular pastime will take your breath away with exotic and beautiful birds of more than 400 species. And if it’s not the birds you want to watch, you will witness roadrunners darting across the trails.

6.   Natural Bridge Caverns

You will find the Natural Bridge Caverns just a few miles away from San Antonio. These are a part of a vast underground rock network with more than 10,000 distinct stalactite formations. You can visit the 40-foot-high King’s Throne, which is the only one publicly accessible. Go for themed tours and treetop climbing ventures that include a network of ziplines and ropeways.


Texas is a huge state with unlimited tourist sights and attractions. These are only some of the most scenic and beautiful attractions you should visit while in Texas. Don’t forget to enjoy playing online games during your free time. With a wide variety of cuisine, restaurants, and thousands of sites to experience, you will never run out of options to explore in Texas.

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