West Hollywood Joins Forces with IGLTA

West Hollywood, already renowned as a hotspot for LGBTQ+ culture, is set to shine even brighter on the global travel map. The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) has officially welcomed West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board, or Visit West Hollywood, as its newest Global Partner, bolstering their mutual commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusive travel.

Located at the heart of Southern California, West Hollywood has long been a pillar of LGBTQ+ advocacy. The city has the unique distinction of hosting the world’s first permitted Pride parade back in 1970. Even today, its pulsating dance clubs, neighborhood bars, and vibrant spirit encapsulate the year-round celebration of Pride. Such dedication to the LGBTQ+ community is evident with almost 40% of the city’s residents identifying as LGBTQ+.

IGLTA President/CEO, John Tanzella, expressed the organization’s enthusiasm about the partnership, “West Hollywood’s longstanding dedication to inclusivity and their unwavering support for IGLTA’s mission make them an unparalleled ally. We are eager to team up and bridge the gap between LGBTQ+ travelers and phenomenal travel experiences.”

Tom Kiely, President/CEO of West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board, mirrored the sentiment. “West Hollywood stands on the principles of inclusivity and acceptance. This partnership with IGLTA will heighten the awareness, ensuring travelers worldwide recognize West Hollywood as a haven for self-expression and self-discovery.”

The collaboration isn’t new. West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board proudly hosted IGLTA’s 1993 Global Convention, sponsored the 2015 Global Convention in Los Angeles, and has championed LGBTQ+ rights alongside IGLTA for over three decades. Notably, earlier this year, they played a pivotal role in IGLTA Foundation’s inaugural LGBTQ+ travel symposium in New Delhi, discussing the burgeoning potential of LGBTQ+ tourism between India and the world.

In 2022, West Hollywood further showcased its commitment to inclusivity. The city revamped its iconic rainbow crosswalk in the “Rainbow District” to incorporate colors representing LGBTQ+ people of color and the transgender community. This installation, located at the intersection of Santa Monica and N. San Vicente Boulevards, is a continuation of the city’s efforts since the 70s, pushing for equality and inclusivity at state, national, and global levels.

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