what to do in vilnius in winter

What to Do in Vilnius this Winter?


As winter wraps up, Vilnius throws open its final fling of frosty fun. Travelers who are searching for a winter getaway in Europe can consider a trip to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

From skating near historical sites to cozy spa retreats, in this article, we will answer what to do in Vilnius in winter.

Glide and Slide: Vilnius Style

This year, Vilnius has set up its pop-up ice rink at the Grand Palace of the Grand Dukes. It’s a chance to skate across 700 sq.m of ice, offering eight sessions a day amidst a backdrop rich with history. For a historical twist, head over to Trakai to skate with a view of the 14th-century castle on Lake Galvė. Wrap up the adventure with a castle tour and traditional Karaim pastries in the town known for its rich history and culinary delights.

Hit the Slopes at Liepkalnis

Looking for some downhill action? The Liepkalnis Skiing Center, perched on Vilnius’s tallest hill, is your go-to spot right after work or a short hop from the city center. With slopes for all levels and a panoramic view of the city, it’s a winter wonderland. There’s even an Apres Ski bar for those who prefer to watch the action with a warm drink in hand.

Steamy Sessions: Sauna Time

Vilnius loves its sauna culture, blending tradition with modern twists. Check out Vytautas Mušã Gongã in the old Lukiškės Prison courtyard for a unique sauna experience. No need to pack anything; they’ve got you covered from head to toe. For those seeking tranquility, the city’s parks offer serene sauna spots perfect for unwinding.

Spa Days in Gothic Cellars

For a touch of luxury, SPA PACAI in the Gothic cellars of the Pacai Palace delivers award-winning treatments in a historical setting. Alternatively, dive into the spacious Bokšto SPA under Vilnius’s ancient courtyards for a day of relaxation, complete with a 25-meter pool and a Japanese garden.

Warm Up with Lithuanian Cuisine

When it’s time to eat, Vilnius’s culinary scene offers hearty winter warmers. From the hefty cepelinai dumplings at Lokys and Etno Dvaras to modern Lithuanian cuisine at Džiaugsmas and Ertlio Namas, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Whether it’s traditional dishes or modern twists, local produce takes center stage, promising a delicious end to your winter exploration.

How is Weather in Vilnius

Spring, spanning from March to May, sees temperatures gradually rise from an average low of 2°C (36°F) in March to a pleasant high of 17°C (63°F) in May.

Summer, from June to August, brings warmer weather, with temperatures ranging from 12°C (54°F) at night to around 23°C (73°F) during the day, occasionally reaching up to 30°C (86°F) during heatwaves.

Autumn, from September to November, experiences cooler temperatures as the city transitions from summer to winter, with average temperatures ranging from 6°C (43°F) to 14°C (57°F).

Finally, winter, from December to February, brings cold and snowy conditions, with temperatures dropping to an average low of -5°C (23°F) in January and reaching only around -1°C (30°F) during the day.

Visiting Vilnius in Warmer Months

If you plan to visit Vilnius in warmer months, the city transforms into a vibrant tapestry of culture, nature, and festivities. Find the most popular tours in Vilnius in our article.

From late spring through summer, the Lithuanian capital bursts into life, with its historical streets and squares hosting a plethora of open-air concerts, art exhibitions, and food festivals. The lush greenery of the city’s numerous parks, like the expansive Vingis Park, becomes a perfect backdrop for picnics, leisurely strolls, and outdoor sports.

The banks of the Neris River invite locals and visitors alike to enjoy sun-drenched afternoons and picturesque sunsets. Vilnius’ outdoor cafes and terraces are bustling, offering a taste of local and international cuisines in the fresh air.

Meanwhile, the city’s historical architecture, from the Gothic grandeur of St. Anne’s Church to the Baroque beauty of the Old Town, shines under the clear, bright skies. The warmer months in Vilnius not only highlight the city’s physical beauty but also its warm hospitality, making it an ideal time for exploration and discovery.

When visiting Vilnius, there are various accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. For those seeking luxury and historical charm, staying in the heart of the Old Town offers proximity to key attractions like Gediminas Castle Tower and Vilnius Cathedral.

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