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Where Aussies Want to Travel Today

Australia’s strict COVID-19 bans not only block its citizens from leaving the country but also restricts domestic travel as some Australian states and territories are currently under different levels of restrictions.

While the travel industry hit very hard in Australia, Aussies are impatient to travel again. Fresh research released by Australian cashback service Kickback shows Aussies are busting for an overseas holiday.

The survey of 500 Australians was conducted in October, with 73% of respondents saying they believe there is pent up demand for international travel after COVID restrictions ease.

The figures show travellers are conflicted between a beach escape (24%) or reuniting with family and friends (25%), and that most respondents were dreaming of a trip to New Zealand

Significantly, most (74%) travellers believe the cost of flights and hotels will be higher for the next few years, with respondents more likely to use cashback or coupon sites such as Kickback to save money on their travel bookings.

Kickback co-founder David Boyd said the findings were important.

“These findings confirm that demand is strong and that the travel industry needs to be prepared to meet it,” he said.

Most respondents are keeping faith with travel providers, with many confident that airlines and hotels will be clean to a COVID safe level. However, the uncertainty of Coronavirus means most are more likely to take out travel insurance.

Brothers Andrew and David Boyd launched in early 2020. The platform now boasts more than 400 retailers and more than 6500 members.

David Boyd said Kickback combines the rewards structure from frequent flyer programs to cashback, which means the more members shop with Kickback, the more cash back they earn.

Mr. Boyd added Kickback had a tiered system, meaning that the more members use the platform, the further they ‘level up’, unlocking cash bonuses and increased benefits.

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