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Where Russians Buy The Longest Holiday Tour Package in 2023

The Russian Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) has released data on the average number of daily tours by country in the summer of 2023 by Russian tourists.

Tour operators have noted that Russian travelers are now embarking on longer trips to certain destinations due to complex and costly logistics, which make short trips futile. Despite this, experts still suggest that on average, Russian travelers are not inclined to travel extensively.

At least according to current bookings, the average duration of a trip abroad does not generally differ from the values ​​of summer 2022.

In ANEX Tour, they notice that the duration of the tour is limited, in addition to the desire of the tourist, also by the possibilities of the booking system.

“For example, we have a maximum standard tour of 28 nights, respectively, if an extension is necessary, changes are made to the booking by the agent or an advance calculation of an individual tour. But in general, vacations of more than 14-16 nights are less in demand. The standard reference points for the duration of tourists’ rest are in the range of 7-11 nights, which corresponds to the average vacation period,” ANEX said.

In other companies, the structure of sales in terms of the duration of the rest is similar.

Average vacation duration of Russians for the summer of 2023

  • Thailand – 12 nights
  • Indonesia – 12 nights
  • Sri Lanka – 12 nights
  • Cuba – 10-12 nights
  • Türkiye – 10-11 nights
  • Egypt – 10 nights
  • Maldives – 10 nights
  • UAE – 9-10 nights

Longest Tours Booked in Summer 2023

  1. Türkiye – 57 nights
  2. Cyprus – 45 nights
  3. Thailand – 40 nights
  4. Egypt – 30 nights
  5. Indonesia – 26 nights
  6. Maldives – 26 nights
  7. UAE – 21 nights
  8. Kazakhstan – 21 nights
  9. Sri Lanka – 20 nights.

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