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Why Is Estonia an Amazing Country to Visit?


In Northern Europe, you’ll find the beautiful Baltic country Estonia, which borders the Baltic Sea. Despite being one of Europe’s smallest countries, Estonia is actually partially made up of over 1,500 islands. If you’re looking for your next European destination vacation, consider adding Estonia to your bucket list.

From bustling cities to beautiful scenery, you’ll experience authentic Baltic culture in Estonia. This country may not have been on your radar before today, but from its history to mesmerizing nature, let’s change your mind.

Estonia’s History

Much like many northeastern European countries, Estonia has spent much of its history dominated by foreign countries. In 1940, the U.S.S.R. took over the country, and it remained in the Soviet Union until the early 90s.

Estonia is now a proudly independent EU and NATO member with a solid European mindset, where they are so deeply rooted in celebrating their country and protecting its nature. Much of Estonia’s culture – from architecture to food – will appeal to fans of medieval history. For 13th-century culture, Estonia certainly is a must-visit.

Fun fact – the origins of Skypebegan in Estonia.


Due to Estonia’s low population density, a lot of its nature has remained untouched by humans. Over half of the country’s land is occupied by forests and impeccable nature, making it an excellent place for nature lovers to visit.

From the Jägala Waterfall to the Lahemaa National Park, there are days of exploring to look forward to. It’s rare these days to find nature just existing as it’s supposed to – it’s time to celebrate that and give these countries their well-deserved tourism.


If you’re a potato lover, you’re planning your holiday in the perfect place. Amongst other dishes, Estonia is well-known for various potato dishes – the Baltics have nailed it. Whether it’s potato pancakes, dumplings, or fried potatoes, all your potato needs will be met.

While there, make sure to try their national dish, Verivorst. The blood sausage dish is typically served around Christmas time alongside pork and, you guessed it, potatoes.

It wouldn’t be Northern Europe without mentioning fish. Estonia’s staple is smoked sprats, with a similar taste to sardines. They are small, oily fish typically smoked but can also be fried or pickled.


Estonia is full of tourist destinations that will make you feel connected to this Baltic country. The country is also incredibly popular with tourists due to the flights and activities remaining cheap.

While on your Estonian adventure, you may feel lucky – if that’s the case, check out Jalla Casino to see if you’re in Lady Luck’s favor. That said, here’s a list of the top 8 places to visit in Estonia, from big cities to scenic islands.

Top 8 Places to Visit in Estonia


Tallinn is Estonia’s capital city and a must-see for tourists. It truly is a cultural center for the Estonian lifestyle – it feels so modern yet preserves a lot of its city’s history. There is so much to do in and around Tallinn that it could easily take up your whole vacation! From museums and nature to medieval history, there’s something for everyone.

Kadriorg Art Museum

For one of Estonia’s best museums, check out the Kadriorg Art Museum while in Tallinn. The art museum is Estonia’s only one dedicated to early European art, with displays, prints, sculptures and more from all over Western Europe. The museum also installs temporary exhibitions with more modern work, so there is something for everyone.

Rakvere Castle

These castle ruins in the medieval town of Rakvere are a great stop to add to your Estonian to-do list. Transport yourself into the medieval world for a few hours in a place full of domesticated animals, fun activities, guided tours and people dressed up in medieval costumes.

Jägala Waterfall

Catch the Jägala River just 4km before it meets the Gulf of Finland at one of Estonia’s most beautiful pieces of nature – the Jägala Waterfall. Tie this location in with the following destination suggestion for a relaxing yet mesmerizing day.

Lahemaa National Park

After you’ve seen the waterfall, take a short drive up to Lahemaa National Park. This beautiful National Park offers the best quality of nature that Estonia has to offer. From woodlands and beaches to wild animals and rock formations from the Ice Age, Lahemaa National Park is a must-see.

Lake Peipus

Lake Peipus sits on the boundary between Estonia and Pskov, a province of Russia. The lake is Europe’s 5th largest lake and the site of the 13th-century Battle on the Ice. Spend some time relaxing in Lake Peipus while being surrounded by incredible wildlife – the lake is a migration site for over one million birds a year!


Parnu is another city in Estonia, situated in the southwest. This resort city benefits from a beautiful sandy beach, promenade and some breathtaking 19th-century architecture. This spot is popular with holidaymakers in Estonia, particularly during the summer months.

Rummu Underwater Prison

Outside Estonia’s quaint town of Rummu, you’ll find an underwater prison. The ruins of an old Soviet prison are slowly drowning and have become a popular diving spot amongst locals. Alternatively, you can still see the ruins from land and bask in its wonder while keeping dry. Seeing a prison while underwater is not everyone’s cup of tea.

What time of year should you visit?

If you’re looking for good weather, late spring and early summer are the best times to visit Estonia. There are also numerous festivals across the summer to enjoy, including the incredibly popular Viljandi Music Festival, where European folk music is celebrated throughout late July.

Are you prepared to wrap up warm? Good, because there are plenty of winter activities and Christmas festivities across Estonia if you’re looking for somewhere to spend your holidays. From winter sports to the beautiful traditions in Tallinn, December to February are also great times to visit.


Add Estonia to your travel bucket list and tick some Baltic land off your itinerary with beautiful nature, fantastic sights and delicious food, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into some incredible culture.

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