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World Bicycle Day: 5 Reasons to Explore the World on A Bicycle

As World Bicycle Day spins around again on June 3rd, digital travel platform Agoda shares five reasons you should explore the world on two wheels, as well as great cycling routes to help you get on your bike now or bookmark for later travel.

Reasons to get on your bike

Get closer to nature

According to Agoda’s Usage & Attitude Study 2019, Nature/Countryside is the top motivation for people to travel. Cycling gets you close to that with many cycle routes boasting and connecting scenic sights, nature parks and the countryside. Take in the sights at your own pace, hop on or off where you like, and quite literally stop to smell the roses.

Unique experiences

Get to know a place, maybe even your own town or country, authentically; Traveling on two wheels allows you to easily navigate off the beaten track areas, go and stop where public transport might not take you, explore country lanes and tracks, meet the locals and experience travel from a different perspective.

A rewarding workout

With health being a key topic in 2020, who would mind some exercise and have fun while at it? There is even greater satisfaction and reward in the experience when you’ve put in the effort to pedal the distance.


Keen to reduce your carbon footprint? More than 25% of travelers want to make more eco-friendly travel choices in the next decade, according to Agoda’s recent Next Decade Travel Trends research. Cycling is an affordable and eco-friendly way to get around.

It is all in the journey

You know what they say about how it is the journey that matters. It could be a challenging route with hills and climbs, or a few-hour family scenic cycle with the wind in your hair to a new part of town,  traveling on a bicycle brings an incredible adventure from start to end.

Pedal power routes across Asia

Cycling routes in Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago – beyond Bali’s idyllic beaches, the country is filled with diverse, endless natural beauty and cultural sights. You’ll get an unparalleled first-hand view from your bike.

For families:

Families can cycle around Malang in just five hours to visit the colorful rainbow village of Kampong Jodipan, get a glimpse of local life and a taste of authentic local dishes, and even visit tea plantations.

For cycling enthusiasts:

From the sloping mountain bike trails at Gangga Waterfall to a more leisurely cycle through one of the traditional villages, soak in Lombok island’s culture and natural beauty from your saddle.

For nature lovers:

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and surrounded by luscious greenery overlooking its blue waters. Nature lovers can take a leisurely cycle along the lake and even dine by the waterfront at a local eatery.

Cycling routes in Malaysia

From lovely beaches to historical towns, there is much to explore on bike in Malaysia beyond the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. If you’re spending more than a day, check in at one of Agoda’s 39,000 properties in Malaysia. Solo or family and group travelers will be spoiled for choice with the wide range of hotels and  Agoda homes and apartments.

For families:

Take the family on a fun educational and food adventure in historic Penang. Sundays are car-free days in Georgetown, an ideal time to experience this UNESCO Heritage site. Feel the sea breeze cycling past the clan jetties, go down the Georgetown heritage trail and spot traditional Peranakan architecture and iconic street art, and stopping at your convenience for some local street food.

For cycling enthusiasts:

Discover the beautiful Kiulu countryside on a cycling tour where you get to pedal across a suspension bridge and visit the riverside villages that are home to the hospitable Dusun tribal people.

For nature lovers:

Be sure to visit one of the oldest rainforests in the world at Selangor’s Forest Research Institute Of Malaysia (FRIM), where you can pick from a range of easy to challenging cycling trails. You might get to meet FRIM’s researchers along the way or spot what remains of an old Orang Asli settlement.

Cycling routes in the Philippines

With over 7,000 islands, the archipelago of Philippines offers fun destinations and routes for those traveling on two wheels.

Check-in at any of Agoda’s 25,000 beachside, city or rural properties around the Philippines.

For families:

Plan a history trip for the family biking around the Corregidor Island, an hour’s ferry ride from Manila. Visit the historic ruins, especially the Middleside Barracks, which used to be home to World War II soldiers.

For cycling enthusiasts:

Mountain bikers looking for an outdoor adventure can consider traversing the Cordillera Mountains in Sagada, and including spelunking at the Cave Connection. Complete the fun by paying a visit to the Hanging Coffins on the limestone cliffs at Lumiang Burial Cave.

For nature lovers:

Starting from Tagbilaran in Bohol, travelers can make their way on bike through rustic villages and the Bilar man-made forest lined with Mahogony trees before ending with a view of the magnificent, unusually shaped Chocolate Hills.

Cycling routes in South Korea

With extensive dedicated bicycle paths around the country, convenient bike rentals at main metro stations, and stunning natural landscapes and attractions, South Korea is an ideal destination for a bike adventure. Avid cyclists can even purchase a “bike passport” and stamp them at designated certification booths along bike trails to record your ride across Korea!

Choose from Agoda’s wide choice of 26,000 properties, from luxury to budget, in South Korea

For families:

Gyeongju makes a great spot for families to bond over 1,000-year history as the capital of the Silla Dynasty. Bicycle trails are well-established throughout the city, making it easy to visit its major attractions including the Daereungwon Tomb Complex, Cheomseongdae Observatory and Banwolseong Fortress.

For cycling enthusiasts:

Part of the famous “4 Rivers Cycling Trail”, the Nakdong River path is the longest at about 390 kilometers and takes about four to five days to complete. Get breathtaking views from Busan through Daegu, ending in Andong.

For nature lovers:

Jeju Island is renowned for its volcanic wonders, waterfalls and white sand beaches. Follow the Fantasy Bike Trail to pedal past the splendid coastline and beaches, several village parks and check out Korea’s highest peak in Hallasan.

Cycling routes in Taiwan

Cycling in Taiwan, also once known as the “Bicycle Kingdom”, is very popular, whether in the busy city or peaceful countryside. With the extensive bike networks, travelers can cruise around the island at ease. With 16,000 properties on Agoda, take your pick from traditional homes to five-star hotels, for families or solo travelers, all around the island.

For families

Said to be one of the most breathtaking routes in Taiwan, the Sun Moon Lake’s Yuetan Bike Path is a 12-kilometer route that promises incredible skyline views along the turquoise lake waters. Visit the indigenous village of the Thao Tribe, and end the night at the Kenting Night Market for local delights.

For cycling enthusiasts

Experienced cyclists can check their boxes for adrenaline, workout and unparalleled scenery with the Taiwan King of the Mountain Challenge, a 105-kilometer path which brings you through the spectacular towering white walls of marble and dramatic falls in the Taroko Gorge.

For nature lovers

The East Rift Valley boasts green, natural landscapes and mountains, with luscious rice paddies and vast fields of golden daylily flowers. Take the Yufu Bikeway from Yuli Railway Station to the old railway station at the village of Dongli; you’ll be tempted to hit the brakes every so often to take in the views.

Cycling routes in Thailand

While it may seem a challenge to cycle around the busy city of Bangkok, there are many cycling routes in Thailand that make it a great biking destination. Agoda lists over 60,000 properties in cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai to islands like Krabi, Koh Samui and Phuket.

For families:

Tour the old city of Chiang Mai and visit ancient temples cycling through the charming alleys, or take the train up to the quieter and more laidback Lamphun. Stop for authentic Northern Thai food before pedaling along the picturesque country roads.

For cycling enthusiasts:

Expert riders can consider escaping city life for the beach by riding from Bangkok to Phuket, a popular 850km cycle route which follows the coast of Andaman Sea.

For nature lovers:

Take a day trip out of Bangkok away from the skyscrapers and vibrant city life to the serene island of Bang Krachao, located on the Chao Phraya River. Pedal along the Flower Road, which is named after the colorful painted flowers on the ground, and visit the Botanical Garden and Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park for real floral and fauna.

Cycling routes in Vietnam

Though cycling in Vietnam may be at times daunting with the traffic in the cities, there are places that you can explore on the saddle to enjoy the country’s splendid beaches, mountain views and sprawling culture. Agoda has over 40,000 properties listed in Vietnam; Choose from unique accommodation like boats and treehouses, boutique or luxury hotels as well as homes for bigger groups

For families:

Get away from city traffic and cruise through Hoi An’s peaceful countryside with the children on an easy bike tour, before roaming around the Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will be illuminated at night with its signature dangling paper lanterns. If you have a few days, consider heading to the Cham Islands off the coast of Hoi An to get your dose of beach fun.

For cycling enthusiasts:

The iconic Vietnam’s National Highway 1 should be on the bucket list for cyclists. The route, which would take about two weeks to complete, stretches from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, where travelers will find no lack of astounding views along the coastline.

For nature lovers

Experience Sapa, also known as the ‘Heaven of Vietnam’, by cycling down its valleys with mountains and terraced rice fields as your backdrop. Take time to also visit the tribal villages and have lunch with the locals.

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