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Wunder Mobility Joins Hands with The World Economic Forum to Connect Essential Businesses and Mobility Services

Wunder Mobility, one of the world’s fastest growing mobility companies, in partnership with the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform and Global New Mobility Coalition, Hertz Germany and Allianz, announced the launch of #WeAllMove.

#WeAllMove is an open digital platform that connects essential services and SMEs trying to survive lockdowns with mobility operators globally to access fleets in order to reduce dependency on public transport, and therefore exposure to infection. The platform is available independently to be used by everyone, from service providers to consumers.  

Many mobility operators across the world have already kick-started their response against this crisis. However, in order to be informed of and access the most appropriate service, users currently need to go to individual pages of the providers to look for suitable options. With the #WeAllMove initiative, any person can access this platform and find a variety of such public and private initiatives going on in their city. 

The platform seeks to bring public and private stakeholders directly or indirectly impacted by this sudden shift in mobility systems together in an effort to consolidate this information. It further aims to enhance business continuity for essential services, such as hospitals and SMEs such as grocery store chains by getting access to operating mobility providers in their geography, as well as secure jobs and services that depend on mobility.  

The corona pandemic has reached unprecedented levels and is increasingly demanding quickly implementable and innovative ideas that enable dealing with constantly changing conditions. While many people can work from home, there are a large number of companies and individuals who, even in times of social distancing, cannot avoid leaving their homes to do their jobs. In addition to this, companies from various industries are forced to suddenly introduce delivery services in order to keep their operations running. Finding a vehicle however, at a time like this, can be extremely challenging.  

Even though this starts as a call to arms against one common enemy, it could be a stepping stone towards much broader action oriented sustainable mobility initiatives.  

Gunnar Froh, founder and CEO at Wunder Mobility said, “Over the coming months, along with our community, we will be investing back into our industry. At Wunder Mobility, we believe that at a time like this, we need to come together, break down barriers and take collective action to aid in recovery. This is not a statement, it is an invitation. Because if one of us moves, we all move.”

“Coronavirus illuminated gaps and deficiencies across urban and suburban mobility systems, which resulted in imminent health and  socio-economic threats. These gaps sparked collaborative public-private responses that promoted agile and dynamic demand – driven mobility services,” says Dr. Maya Ben Dror, Lead Automotive and Autonomous Mobility, World Economic Forum. “WeAllMove’s one-stop-shop for in formation on these new mobility options brings us another step closer to translating COVID – 19 emergent mobility options to a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive mobility future.”

Wunder Mobility is Europe’s fastest-growing mobility technology company, with a growing presence in North America. The company is providing turn-key solutions that enable companies and cities worldwide to provide clean, convenient, and accessible mobility. Over 60 partners in 70+ cities on six continents use the Wunder Mobility platform to launch and scale new mobility services, manage and finance fleets of shared vehicles, optimize daily operations and improve urban planning and traffic management. The company’s headquarters and engineering offices are located in Germany, with a US office in Los Angeles.

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