Temptation Cancun Resort Announces 2021 Theme Nights

Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort has unveiled the new signature theme night lineup for 2021.

“The Playground for Grown-Ups” is known for hosting provocative and exhilarating parties at BASH, the nightclub on property. In 2021, adults 21+ are invited to party it up with the new weekly experiences below: 

Monday: Pink it Up – Pink is hot and fun, and so is Temptation. Guests are encouraged to wear pink and be prepared for sugar, spic(y) and everything not so nice. Letting inhibition run wild and having a pink attitude is essential for this night’s success!

Tuesday: Schoolgirls & Nerds – School is back in session at Temptation, where you truly do not want to miss playground time. School skirts, white shirts and suspenders and are a must for this weeknight soirée.

Wednesday: Lingerie Mascarade –  In the middle of the week Temptation raises the heat with Lingerie Mascarade. Mix masks and lingerie to create a mystery night, and leave the hesitations in the room because Temptation’s welcoming atmosphere celebrates every(body).

Thursday: Glitter Bomb – Friday Jr. has never looked so bright and shiny. Glitter bomb will combine the glamour of Temptation and sparkle of the Cancun skyline. Guests are encouraged to wear glittering outfits and body glitter for an exceptional night.

Friday: Burning Land – The last night of the week brings a lineup of fiery entertainment, artistic performances, and true bonding at Burning Land. Guests can customize their own creation on the indie contemporary dress code. Think fishnets, feathers, and temporary tattoos!

Saturday: Graffiti Glow – The black light is out and ready for the glow! By using neon paint, neon clothes, or accessories, guests are encouraged to showcase their creativity for a pumping night full of sexy visual entertainment.

Sunday: Temptation Emergency – Calling all units - who decided the week has to end? No one! Guests can dress up in their favorite career costumes and sound the alarm to for a never ending party at Temptation. Doctors, firefighters, and police are highly suggested!

Temptation Cancun Resort’s new weekly lineup of nightly activities promises thrilling experiences, sexy entertainment, and lots of adults only fun, in an unforgettable vacation. 

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