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Sercotel Introduces Unique Franchise Model for Spanish Hotel Market

Sercotel launches its Franchise Program, a unique model in the Spanish market that puts at the disposal of franchisees the tools and resources necessary to optimize the operation of the hotels, allowing the property to maintain its independence and control operational.

The company projects that this franchise model will double its turnover, reaching 60 million euros and expanding to 50 franchised hotels within the next three years. Currently, Sercotel boasts 28 franchised hotels with a combined turnover of 26.2 million euros.

“The new Franchise Program represents a strategic step in the expansion and growth of the company in the urban segment of the markets of Spain and Portugal, covering both operating establishments and projects under construction. With him, we provide the necessary support so that franchisees can make the most of their potential, reach new levels of performance and boost their competitiveness in the sector.

This program has been designed by listening carefully to the voices of our hoteliers independent, attending to their needs and suggestions, an approach of which we are very satisfied and we trust that it will be a sign of early success,” said José Rodríguez, CEO of Sercotel. 

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Over the last eighteen months, the Franchise Program has been a core component of Sercotel’s transformation and growth strategy. It was developed with active input from franchisees, ensuring it meets the expectations of both the markets and the company.

This initiative has also led to significant organizational changes within the hotel chain. Franchises are now managed as a separate business line, and a specialized team has been established to ensure the effective implementation and management of the franchise model.

Through the program, Sercotel provides franchisees with comprehensive sales and distribution tools, both online and offline. It supports them with a renowned brand at the core of its customer service and offers dedicated revenue management services, integrated marketing strategies, and access to cutting-edge technological solutions.

Pablo Fernández, head of Sercotel Franchises, emphasized the program’s design to support independent hoteliers and small chains who wish to maintain autonomy while partnering with a committed and professional entity. “Our specialized team supports them at every step, from integration, including technological deployment, to marketing,” Fernández added.

The program also fosters active participation and careful listening to its members through the Franchise Advisory Board (FAB), a consultative committee providing strategic guidance to the franchisees. The FAB ensures that the integration of franchised hotels aligns with brand standards, quality, and marketing strategies, fostering effective and two-way communication among all parties.

Sercotel, a company belonging to the Landon Corporate Group and directed by José Rodríguez Pousa, is a Spanish chain, dedicated to hotel operations and international branding. It has over 90
hotels in Spain and Andorra in different management, leasing and franchise modalities.

For more information visit Sercotel website.

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