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KLM Reopens US Network


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines yesterday reopened its United States network to European travelers, on the condition that they are vaccinated and hold a negative PCR test.

As of Nov. 8, passengers have access to 64 weekly KLM flights to 11 destinations.

This means KLM has resumed service to all destinations it was serving directly in the winter before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. This includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Minneapolis and Houston. Additionally, KLM offers passengers a broader network of US destinations through its partner Delta Air Lines. In mid-June, Europe was reopened to US travelers.

“This is a festive day for everyone who has been unable to visit the United States for so long. We look forward to doing what we do best: bringing people together. Travel is all about connecting people and that is precisely what drives everyone at KLM. This is a turning point for us; an important step out of the crisis. Now that we can operate these flights with more full seats, in complete compliance with all coronavirus requirements, KLM can take the next step towards financial recovery,” said KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers.

KLM offers excellent hygiene, flexible booking and high customer ratings

KLM flies passengers to their destinations in a fully responsible manner. KLM pursues the highest standard of hygiene before, during and after every flight, earning Diamond Status from the APEX research agency. This makes KLM one of the world’s trendsetting airlines in terms of hygiene and health safety. KLM also offers its customers maximum flexibility when booking, altering, or cancelling a trip. In this regard, APEX also awarded KLM five stars, based on passengers’ evaluations of our product and services.

United States network

KLM’s winter schedule for its US network is as follows:


Days of the week 


Los Angeles 


departs 09:50, arrives 09:05

San Francisco 


(daily from 6 Dec.)

departs 10:10, arrives 09:30 



departs 12:55, arrives 07:30 



departs 17:05, arrives 09:05 

Atlanta #1 


departs 09:35, arrives 06:45 

Atlanta #2 


departs 16:50, arrives 12:30 

New York #1 


departs 13:35, arrives 07:30 

New York #2 


departs 17:10, arrives 10:30 



departs 13:05, arrives 07:10 



departs 17:05, arrives 12:15 



departs 10:05, arrives 07:35 

Las Vegas

Tues/Thurs/Sun (from 7 Dec.)

departs 12:35, arrives 10:50


Tues/Fri/Sun (from 7 Dec.)

departs 10:20, arrives 06:50

All times are local. Schedules are subject to change. Check for up-to-date flight information.

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