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Valencia Wants Resumption of New York Flights


The Valencian government of Spain is working to once again have a direct flight connection between New York and Valencia.

The regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer visited New York and presented the tourist offer of the Valencian Community to more than 100 tour operators and the American media. Colomer hopes that U.S. air carriers will add New York - Valencia direct flights.

Delta Airlines was flying direct between New York and Valencia from 2009 to 2012 with four weekly flights.

Francesc Colomer met with the representatives of JetBlue Airways with the aim of recovering the direct connection between the Valencian Community and New York.

In a statement from the Generalitat Valenciana, Colomer described the meeting as "very positive": "We have laid the foundations to open an air connection with New York. This meeting is part of the ongoing work that must be done to open up to the United States market and continue to increase the number of visitors," he explained.



In 2012, Delta stopped operating NY-Valencia flight due to a lack of profitability and a drop in interest for Valencia.

JetBlue, which launched its first transatlantic route to London, announced an expansion of its UK and Europe services. JetBlue is making its way to Paris (CDG) from New York (JFK) starting in June, and soon to launch service from Boston.

According to data from Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, in 2022 a total of 122,819 American travelers arrived in the Valencian Community, compared to 90,156 in 2019, 36.2% more. They stayed 12.3 days in the city and spent an average of 191.3 euros per day, a more than considerable figure. 96.3% accessed by air and close to 60% stayed in hotels (59.4%).

That same year, more than 2.8 million US tourists visited Spain, 3.9% of the total, placing the US in sixth place as the issuing market. Its total spending rose to 5,250.2 million euros (6% of the total), ranking fourth with respect to the rest of the markets. 

An American tourist who travels to Spain chooses culture and history (41%), urban life (30%), nature (28%), relaxation in coastal and beach areas (25 %), slow adventures (23%) and gastronomic experiences (22%). 


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