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Beginners Guide for Surfing in Malaysia

Malaysia, promoted worldwide under the “Truly Asia” motto, has proven its position as one of the most popular attractions for travelers. In the first ten months of 2023, this country welcomed almost 18 million visitors from around the globe, exceeding all expectations set during the post-Covid period. This comes as no surprise, as Malaysia offers practically everything – diverse nature consisting of more than 800 islands, jungles, beaches, and spectacular landmarks. But also, urban and modern cities like Kuala Lumpur, and others. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, like surfing or diving, you should visit Malaysia, and here are some things that you should know if you decide to do so.

Why Should You Try Surfing?

Surfing is one of the oldest sports that has been popular in many countries worldwide. It is exciting, adventurous, and sometimes dangerous, but as witnessed by many surfers, it pumps adrenaline like no other outdoor activity you may think of. Surfing can be done by the individual, but more often it is done in groups or tandem. The same as in other real-life outdoor or virtual activities, like the ones found on gameland, this social element brings more fun and quality time to the activity. Furthermore, it is also safer, especially for those who are not advanced surfers. If you want to try your hands (or legs) in surfing, you should also know that there are many styles of surfing and that they depend on your readiness to test your skills.

The Best Surfing Spots in Malaysia

Malaysia offers you a bunch of beautiful places and surfing sites where you can try surfing or enjoy some super-big waves if you are an expert. Some spots also offer trainers, rental of equipment, and surfing schools, so you can pick and choose depending on your needs. The best-rated spot for beginners is Cherating, where you can find trusted surfing schools and learn how to surf. If you are an advanced surfer, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau is a must-visit, and if you seek more dangerous places, Pulau Tioman is a place to be. Here you might even run into a crocodile!

Some General Tips

If you decide to visit Malaysia, it is best to do it in months from December to February or May to August, as the rain chances are the slightest in this period. However, the maritime climate in Malaysia is acceptable all year round if you are OK with humid and hot weather.  The best time for surfing depends on your priorities and selected beaches, as different surfing spots are more likely to be under rainfall in different months – so plan accordingly! Do not hesitate to join the surfing school and seek professional training as surfing may be dangerous, especially for beginners. Finally, be careful not to wear yellow in public, as you could risk a fine of 1000 EUR!


The favorable geographical position of Malaysia, together with its spectacular nature and good value for money at almost all levels, launched this country to the top of the list of places to visit in 2024. For surfers and those who want to start surfing, Malaysia is a great alternative to fancy and super-expensive surf spots throughout the world, as it is more affordable but equally beautiful and diverse in its offerings.

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