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Naked Wonders of Spain: Top 10 Nudist Beaches

Are you ready to explore the freedom of nudist beaches? If you haven’t discovered the charm of Spain’s nudist beaches yet, then this list is for you.

It’s true, whether topless or fully nude, everyone can find their spot under the sun on Spain’s diverse beaches.

However, nudism tends to be more enjoyable in designated areas, where there are understood norms and a bit more privacy from prying eyes. If this relaxed and natural way of enjoying the beach appeals to you, keep reading.

We’ve curated a list of the finest nudist beaches spanning from the northern coasts down to the southern shores and out to the enchanting islands. We also share Google Maps links to the exact locations so that you can get directions.

Nudist beach of Torimbia in Asturias Spain
Torimbia Beach (Asturias)

1. Torimbia Beach, Asturias

If you’re seeking paradise without leaving the continent, Torimbia Beach is your destination. Known for its turquoise waters and golden sands, this beach offers a tranquil retreat. It’s a beloved spot for nudism since the 1960s.

This beach is accessed from an asphalt road from Niembru, a coastal town less than ten kilometers from Llanes, one of the most beautiful village in Spain.

covachos beach with rocky island and sandy bay

2. Beach of Covachos, Cantabria

Situated between well-known tourist spots, Beach of Covachos offers a peaceful nudist experience. Its compact size and secluded setting ensure a relaxed visit. Between Santander and the Natural Park of the Dunes of Liencres, and overlooking the islet of Castro, lies Covachos Beach, (see on Google Maps) a serene haven for naturists.

Sonabia coast from the mountain

3. Sonabia Beach, Cantabria

As one of the pioneering nudist beaches in Spain, Sonabia is cherished for its secluded environment. Surrounded by mountains and rich natural beauty, it’s a sanctuary for those who love nature in its purest form. See location via Google Maps, to find out how to reach there.

Beachgoers at Maspalomas beach in Gran Canaria
Maspalomas beach

4. Playa de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Notable for its extensive dunes that stretch into the sea, Playa de Maspalomas is a marvel of nature next to a vibrant village. The beach accommodates everyone from surfers to nudists, providing a unique blend of activities. See exact location.

Playa de las Conchas La Graciosa beach view from above
Playa de las Conchas

5. Playa de las Conchas, La Graciosa

This isolated beach lies in the northern part of La Graciosa island, near the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park (Google Maps location). Its pristine conditions and breathtaking scenery make it a top choice for nudists.

Beach view with beachgoers
Playa de l’Illa Roja

6. Illa Roja Beach, Girona

Located in the scenic Baix Empordà, Illa Roja is famous for its striking red rock and crystal-clear waters. Illa Roja Beach is one of the most photographed landscapes on the Costa Brava.

Although it stretches just 120 meters, its striking beauty captures the eye of every visitor. To reach it, simply follow the road from Sa Riera Beach to Racó Beach in the picturesque town of Pals.

Aerial view of Playa del Torn in Tarragona
Playa del Torn

7. Playa del Torn, Tarragona

They say this beach in Tarragona is one of the best naturists in Catalonia. It is only two kilometers south of the town of Hostpitalet del Infant, or idyllic surroundings surrounded by rocky pine trees and cliffs. In fact, it owes its name to the crooked on one of the ends of the beach. (Location)

Fine and golden sand, dunes and a bar, Pep, famous for its rice for almost 40 years.

The view of La Musclera beach near Barcelona
Playa de La Musclera

8. Playa de La Musclera, Barcelona

Spacious and well-equipped with showers, a beach bar, and lifeguard services, La Musclera attracts a variety of beachgoers during the peak season, both nudists and those in swimsuits.

Stretching 620 meters in length and 48 meters in width, it is considered semi-urban due to its small promenade. Its combination of amenities and family-friendly atmosphere makes it a popular destination for those seeking the freedom to enjoy the sun and sea. It is located just 40 km from Barcelona.

El Saler Beach

9. Playa El Saler, Valencia

Playa de El Saler, located just south of Valencia, is a secluded 6km-long beach known for its serene dunes and clear waters. Popular among naturists, it features a designated nudist area easily accessible from a nearby parking area. (Google Maps) To reach this section, visitors should head towards the Hotel Sidi El Saler, follow the road left to the last apartment block, and park in front of block 5.

The 800-meter path to the beach is wheelchair accessible, offering a tranquil beach experience close to the vibrant city of Valencia. There is a beach bar & restaurant that offers delicious paella and drinks near the family section of the beach. See other nudist beaches in Valencia.

Es Cavallet Ibiza
Es Cavallet

10. Playa Es Cavallet, Ibiza

Es Cavallet, located 10 km from Ibiza in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, is recognized as one of the best and most picturesque beaches on the island. This natural paradise is characterized by its wild beauty, protected by fine sand dunes and a green belt of mounds. (Google Maps location)

Divided into several sections, the first is often frequented by celebrities and VIPs, the second is the declared nudist area, while the third section has earned a reputation as Ibiza’s gay beach. Es Cavallet thus offers a diverse and spectacular experience for all its visitors.

Each of these beaches offers a unique experience for those looking to enjoy nudism in a welcoming and respectful environment. Whether you’re a seasoned naturist or trying it for the first time, these beaches provide the perfect setting to connect with nature and feel the freedom.

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