Palm Beach style, a fashionable couple on a yacht

The Fabric of Luxury: Fashion and Lifestyle in Palm Beach

Palm Beach isn’t just a location, it’s a lifestyle, a symbol of refined living, full of fashion statements, fashion plates, and fashionable stores and locations.

From the northeast-inflected casual preppy mode – perfect for a nautical day at the Town’s superyacht Marina – to a more tropical beachside floral approach, Palm Beach’s taste is eclectic and forward, but also classic and timeless. 

Whether someone is strolling through the iconic Worth Avenue shopping district, luxuriating on the deck of a seagoing vessel, or dining in style at one of Palm Beach’s sophisticated restaurants, fashion is always part of the equation. From 1960s styles to contemporary trends, Palm Beach has always been in vogue.

The Town of Palm Beach Marina itself has also entered the fashion fray with its own line of uniquely designed items. Available through its new online store, the Marina now has a collection of clothing and accessories that is curated to embody the essence of the Town as an upscale oasis for those in the know.

From polos and long-sleeved athletic shirts to belts, hats, umbrellas, and even playing cards, each item is a statement piece waiting to be cherished and shown off. Everything features the Marina logo,with its anchor and rope iconography. This is coupled with a campaign-style border that pays homage to Palm Beach’s nautical traditions and embraces a lifestyle that is embodied in Palm Beach Regency interior design.

Of course, Worth Avenue is the place for world-class shopping in Palm Beach – from internationally known fashion lines to home-grown fashionistas like Lilly Pulitzer, along with a range of other high-end retail and gourmet restaurant fare. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co. are all on display. Its own architecture also embodies the best of the Town, with iconic Mediterranean-style buildings and charming vias. 

Whether cruising on your yacht, lounging at the beach, strolling the chic byways or attending one of the many galas and fundraisers – the Town’s denizens have got it covered. Fashion can be a personal statement, a social construct, and a work of art. Palm Beachers excel at all three.

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