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Turkish Travel Agencies have a new President after 18 years

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Firuz Baglikaya is the new President of TursabThe 23rd General Assembly of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) is held last weekend in Istanbul. The term for Başaran Ulusoy, who headed the association uninterrupted for 18 years, has officially ended.

A total of 3668 members attended the General Assembly at Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center.

From the total 3622 votes, candidate Firuz Baglikaya received 2200 votes, Çetin Gürcün received 1057, Emin Çakmak 357.

28 votes were not valid.

Firuz Baglikaya received 60% of votes, while Çetin Gürcün received 28%, and Emin Çakmak received 9% of total votes.

New Board Members are as follows

Executive Committee
Members Alternates
Firuz Barbaros Bağlıkaya Cüneyt Tansu Demir
Hasan Erdem Murat Şirin
Mehmet Nezih Hacıalioğlu Murat Karabulut
İbrahim Halil Kalay Ayhan Eroğlu
Hacı İbrahim Canatan Aylin Güneşli
Ali Bilir Mücella Tarhan
Ahmet Özden Cengiz Dağdeviren
Selçuk Boynueğri Özgen Uysal
Bedirhan Bayka Hüseyin Kurt

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