Turkish Day Parade in New York City with Turkish and American flags and Ataturk posters at the hands of people

NYC to Host Turkish Day Parade and Culture Festival in May 2024

Thousands of Turkish Americans and their friends are set to gather in New York City to celebrate the 40th edition of the Turkish Day Parade on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

Organized by the Federation of Turkish American Associations, Inc. (TADF), the annual festival plays a crucial role in promoting Turkish culture across the U.S.

The 40th Turkish American Festival Parade, on May 18th, 2024, will start 12:00 noon at 53rd street and Madison Avenue New York and end at 47th street and 2nd Avenue.

Attendees of the 2024 Turkish Day Parade can look forward to a day filled with celebration, including authentic Turkish cuisine, traditional dance and music performances, and a variety of Turkish gift vendors at the end of the parade. See the photos from the 2023 Turkish Day Parade.

This event not only honors Turkish culture but also strengthens the ties within the Turkish community and their American neighbors.

The Federation of Turkish American Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was established in 1956, it does not involve politics, it is about promoting the Turkish culture and heritage in USA. It is put together by 63 Turkish American non-profit organization within USA.

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