A Gyrocopter

Explore Antalya from the Sky with New Gyrocopter Tours

Antalya, known as the tourism capital of Turkiye, is now offering a unique experience for both local and international visitors—gyrocopter tours.

Organized by IEC Aviation Control and Training Services Ltd. Co., these tours promise an unforgettable adventure in the skies above Antalya.

Gyrocopters, known for their light and highly maneuverable design, are perfect for tourism, providing thrilling aerial journeys that combine adrenaline with panoramic views of the Mediterranean landscapes. The tours allow tourists to see the city from a perspective never before possible.

Safety and Scenic Views Guaranteed

According to H. Emre Koç, a pilot and Flight Operations Manager at IEC, gyrocopters are some of the safest aircraft available. “Thanks to their auto-rotation capabilities, they can land safely even during a malfunction. It is the only type of aircraft with no fatal accidents on record, making it ideal for tourism in a highly visited area like Antalya,” he explains.

Tourists on these gyrocopter tours will safely discover Antalya’s stunning coastal lines, unique mountain silhouettes, ancient cities, and historic structures from the air. Each tour, lasting a minimum of 15 minutes, is conducted by professional pilots, ensuring not only safety but also the creation of memorable experiences.

IEC Aviation Control and Training staff organizes gyrocopter tours in Antalya

Expanding Tourism Diversity in Antalya

Erdoğan Budak, a project partner, anticipates significant interest in the gyrocopter tours, which will commence in Belek. “This year, we are launching one of our innovative projects. Our gyrocopter will fly across the skies of Antalya, contributing significantly to aviation tourism. We aim to showcase the natural beauty of beautiful Antalya from the skies, offering tourists an unparalleled experience,” Budak stated.

These gyrocopter tours are set to enhance the variety of tourism experiences in Antalya, leaving visitors with lasting memories of their aerial adventures.

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