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Fire Destroys Famous Kadir’s Tree Houses in Antalya’s Olympos

A devastating fire last night completely destroyed Kadir’s Tree Houses, a well-known accommodation site in the Olympos National Park in Antalya. This popular retreat, which had previously suffered a major fire in 2007, now faces the need for yet another complete rebuild.

The fire started around 3:00 a.m. at Kadir’s Tree Houses, the pioneer of treehouse tourism in Olympos. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Teams from the Forest Management Directorate and the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department responded to the blaze. The 200-bed facility, famous for its treehouse cabins, was brought under control after four hours of intense efforts.

Fire Destroys Kadir's Treehouses in Antalya's Olympos

All guests were immediately evacuated as the fire began, and thankfully, no casualties were reported. The owner of the site, Kadir Kaya, expressed his shock and sorrow over the destruction.

The first fire at Kadir’s Tree Houses occurred on February 8, 2007, completely destroying the site at that time. The facility was rebuilt and became a popular destination among international backpackers. In 2009, the site also suffered damage from a flood in Kumluca Olympos, overcoming numerous challenges over the years.

Previously named the best hostel on earth by TNT Magazine, Kadir’s Tree Houses is recognized worldwide. Whether it will rise from the ashes once again or be lost to history remains to be seen.

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