Kilometers long sand beach and Mediterranean sea in Antalya

Antalya Sets Tourism Record with 2 Million Visitors in 4 Months of 2024

Antalya, a popular resort city in Turkey’s Mediterranean coast and also known as the capital of tourism in Turkiye, has set a new record by welcoming 2 million tourists in the first four months of this year, marking a 14.10% increase compared to last year.

This achievement has been highlighted as the best start to a year in Antalya’s tourism history.

In April alone, the city saw an influx of 1 million tourists, which represents a 4.86% increase from the previous year. German tourists led the visitor statistics for April, with 259,700 arrivals, closely followed by Russians at 194,900 and British tourists totaling 141,400.

Over the four months, Germany was the top country of origin, with 539,600 tourists visiting Antalya. Russian visitors numbered 366,700, securing second place, while British tourists were third with 266,100 visitors.

Other significant contributors to the tourist numbers include Poland, the Netherlands, Iran, Belgium, Ukraine, France, and Lithuania. The rise in tourists from these nations was substantial, contributing to the overall growth.

Specifically, visitors from Germany saw a year-on-year increase of 21%, while British tourists increased by 32%. Notably, Polish tourists increased by 30%, Iranian visitors by 52%, Belgians by 42%, Ukrainians by 51%, and French tourists also saw a 52% rise.

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