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New App finds you modern and hi-tech public bathroom

toiletA new app is launched today that will help you to grant access to modern, safe, hi-tech restrooms at retail partners. Now available for iOS on the App Store, with Android coming soon, Good2Go is offering a free trial subscription for a limited time.

Good2Go restrooms can be found throughout San Francisco at several Peet’s Coffee locations, Sextant Coffee Roasters, The Creamery, and will soon be available at Rigolo Cafe, Church Street Cafe, Café La Boheme, Fifty-Fifty Cafe and others. Watch a video of how Good2Go works and download the app to see the map of locations. Good2Go locations are all-gender and have a baby-changing station.

“At Good2Go, we believe that technology can serve people’s everyday needs” says Fran Heller, Founder and CEO of Good2Go. “What could be a more everyday need than finding and accessing a restroom, yet the consumer is left without a reliable or safe solution, until now.”

good2goNavigating an urban environment often presents this challenge. With the Good2Go app, consumers can find a location, join a virtual queue and unlock the restroom door – all through their smartphones. It’s a smart solution for all consumers --especially travelers, parents and the on-demand work force.

Retailers, coffee shops, and cafes often have customer restrooms but have recurring challenges authorizing access and managing lines. Good2Go delivers turnkey, hi-tech, restroom renovations with minimal operational disruption. Staff can now optimize their customer’s experience while dramatically improving productivity and streamlining operations through automated restroom access and virtual queue management.

“Using Good2Go’s novel technology and an innovative business model, we’re addressing the needs of the consumer while simultaneously creating a new opportunity for retailers” said Heller. “We’re partnering with retailers to convert their restrooms to a smart system that instantly improves the customer experience. Our subscription and revenue share model also enables our partners to donate their share to our local non-profit partner, Lava Mae, and many have.”

The Good2Go subscription model increases foot traffic and generates new revenue on an existing retail footprint. “Good2Go is helping to change how retailers manage underutilized assets while providing a much improved experience to patrons and travelers alike”, says John Elstrott, Former Chairman of Whole Foods Market and an investor and Director at Good2Go. “Their business model is highly attractive, scalable and offers retailers a digital platform to acquire new customers, drive new revenue and to optimize store-front operations. I am proud to be an investor in this highly innovative approach to an everyday challenge. Good2Go is a win, win, win for the business, the consumer and the community; I believe it’s just a matter of time before every major city is a Good2Go city.”

Pricing and availability

Good2Go is available for download on the App Store beginning today, with the Android release expected by the end of October. Subscriptions are free for a limited time and then will be available by the day, week or month.

Retailers interested in a Good2Go partnership can call 415-650-0003 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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