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iPhone 13, what can you do with your new phone?

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 has been out for a few weeks now and as with all Apple products, it looks premium. It features a sleeker shape, which has been achieved by reducing the bump that has been characteristic in the later years.

If you were lucky enough to get your hands into one, you know the phone is beautiful and you may want to consider putting in a case so it stays that way.

But Apple products are not just gorgeous, their proprietary operating system is the blood in the veins in each one of their devices and it is what really makes the difference with their competitors and why many are willing to pay the extra price Apple is asking.



iOS is in its 15th version and in this article, we will discuss some of the features that make iOS so great and how does it benefit from the newest iPhone.

Now you can scan text

iPhone cameras have been upgraded from generation to generation and they’ve evolved to a point where they are just breathtaking.



This time, with iOS 15 you can do more than taking pictures. Now you can scan text without the need of 3rd party apps.

You can add scanned text into an empty text field, and it’s as simple as long-pressing to access the Scan Text tool.

While it’s not as glamorous as other features, it comes quite handy in a working environment, besides it’s useful to save telephone numbers and emails from signs and business cards.

6 gigabytes of memory

When it comes to memory the “more is better” rule always applies. While not advertised by Apple during the phone presentation event, this big boy features 6GB of memory, 2 more than the previous generation.

This hardware update takes multitasking to a whole you level, and the new iOS knows how to take advantage of it.

You can now have more apps open simultaneously without even noticing the phone lagging or crashing. While many times unintentionally, we jump between apps leaving unused background processes and Safari tabs that take resources. Rest assured that your new phone will be able to handle those unattended applications just fine.

Screen size and response are perfect for playing your favorite games

iPhone screens have been looking very sharp for some generations now, but this one pushes it to the next level.

Combined with its A15 Bionic chip and the new 5-core GPU it makes it a delight to interact with.

Everything that requires visuals benefits from what’s under the hood. The most powerful games available in the app store will run without issues.

Also, if you can spot a good online gambling site like VSO, which is very popular these days, you’ll be having a blast with your favorite online slots and games shining on this fantastic screen. Moreover, when you sign up to the best gambling sites, you’ll get a welcome bonus automatically. Furthermore, you cannot forget that the best gambling sites look for reliable payment methods which protect your money among other incredible features such as having a 24/7 team support.

Extra battery life

With all these fantastic features the first thing that comes to your mind is the battery life. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about running out of juice in the middle of your streamed show or online match.

The system is very efficient and Apple has even upgraded the battery to keep the phone active during our longest days. Still using wireless as the main method of charging the phone, this new revision will provide about two and half more hours of usage, and an extra battery is always appreciated.


We’ve come a long way since 2007 when the first iPhone was announced. While the curve in features has not been too steep lately, Apple has managed to push its limits and finally provide the iPhone with a well-needed upgrade. The sharp screen goes in tone with its sleek design. The extra memory ensures you won’t encounter any hiccups while playing games and the battery upgrade feels as needed as it is welcome.

The phone is offered in different sizes to adapt to different profiles.

It seems like Apple is finally taking its competitors seriously and provided us with a substantial upgrade from their predecessors. While if you are still rocking an iPhone 12 this might not feel like a huge step up, but if technology has left you behind a few years and you are in for a new phone you might want to keep an eye on this new revision of the hardware.


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