Google Maps shows Park Güell as one of the top attractions in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Removes Popular Bus Route from Google Maps

Barcelona’s city council has taken a bold step by removing the 116 bus route from Google Maps after receiving numerous complaints from locals about tourists overusing the service.

This bus route, crucial for local transportation around Park Güell, has been overwhelmed by tourists, affecting its availability for residents.

The 116 bus, initially a small local service for about 20 passengers, became popular among tourists after being listed on Google Maps as a key transport link to Park Güell.

The influx of tourists made it difficult for locals to find seats, prompting the city council to act to restore the bus service for its residents.

After increasing the frequency of the bus service failed to alleviate the issue, the council decided to remove the route from Google Maps and other online platforms.

Barcelona 116 bus route map that takes riders to Park Güell

This move aimed to make the bus less visible to tourists and more accessible to locals needing to navigate their neighborhood.

According to local residents and neighborhood associations, the removal has been effective. The bus route is now less crowded with tourists and has returned to serving its primary function of facilitating local travel.

City Councillor Albert Batlle highlighted that the removal from digital maps was intended to preserve the service’s utility for local residents. Meanwhile, concerns rise that other nearby routes might face similar overcrowding issues, but bus drivers on these lines have noted that tourist numbers remain manageable.

This situation reflects broader tensions in Spain over tourism’s impact on local communities. Issues range from rising rental prices displacing residents to the strain on local infrastructure, prompting cities across Spain to implement various measures to balance tourism with local needs.

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