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Seychelles Tourism Grows Amid European Stability and Asian Interest

Seychelles tourism continues to draw global travelers in search of unique experiences in a paradise setting, buoyed by steady European markets and increasing interest from Asia.

April 2024 data from the National Bureau of Statistics, revealed a 7 percent increase in visitor numbers, with 105,457 arrivals in 2024 compared to 98,619 in the previous year.

Commenting on the positive Seychelles tourism news, Bernadette Willemin, director for marketing of the Tourism Seychelles, the marketing arm of the Department of Tourism said, “We are pleased to acknowledge the positive performance outlined in the first quarter report, particularly the robust growth trajectory observed in visitor arrivals to Seychelles.”

Germany leads in visitor numbers to Seychelles with 21,913 arrivals, followed by Russia with 13,100, and France with 11,662. This data underscores Europe’s continued dominance as the main source of tourism for Seychelles, located in the western Indian Ocean.

Willemin explained that the tourism strategy for the first quarter of 2024 was aligned with the World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) recommendations. This approach involves analyzing visitor arrivals based on their country of residence, providing valuable insights into Seychelles’ dynamic tourism landscape.

Out of all visitors, 90,111 came for holidays, and 3,688 for honeymoons, highlighting Seychelles’ reputation as a top leisure destination with its stunning natural beauty and exclusive experiences.

The number of travelers will likely increase more as the best time to visit Seychelles are ahead of us.

Additionally, cruise ship tourism also made a notable impact, with 6,854 tourists arriving by cruise, alongside 130 in-transit passengers.

While Europe remains a primary source, the increase in tourists from South Africa and North America is significant. With 2,276 visitors from South Africa and 2,872 from North America by the 14th week of the year, these figures enhance Seychelles’ stature as a premier global tourism hub.

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